Sunday, January 30, 2005


lately, ive been timid to the bones to hit the gym. i bet im back to my normal 145 lbs again. it's been over a month(45 days to be exact) that i lost my interest in hitting the quarter pounder weights (it's not what you think :)). i dunno, perhaps my busy schedule gets in the way (there we go again). but i promise, next weekend, il pay the instructor a visit (im thinking of painful bis and tris again after a long time of hibernation). but i got to if i want to shape up and regain my former physique (as if i had a nice one before)...

it's sunday and as usual im in my old self not being able to go to the church. if i remembered it right, the last time i had some quiet time was last two weeks ago at the school chapel. yeah, you get it right, at JRU. i had some time to spare i think about 20 more minutes before my biology class and i happen to pass by the chapel. thinking that i aint got nothing to do before the start of the class, i went inside and prayed. there were two people inside also saying their premonitions to the Lord with open eyes ( i wonder why their eyes were open...isnt it improper to pray that way?) anyway, i prayed too (with open eyes....)

today seems to be perfect though but as time and my pocket would not permit, im here in front of the PC updating my blog. il make up this wednesday. im planning to drop by sta. ana church by the way before the biology class again.

hear this, i had some rift with my officemate last friday i could hardly eat my lunch. i was in the mood again to answer back and so it happened that i felt guilty again after doing it. but then, i felt good. i think that if i did not answered back, maybe up until today il be feeling crushed and devastated. but just as it is, i got over it na rin.

the first month of the year is coming to an end (tomorrow will be the last day) and if i have to look back at the blog i did at the start of the year, it seems that i still wasnt able to start my resolution just yet. but im keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

extra busy lately...

it has been weeks, yet, i kinda feel like it's been years. simpy means, i missed blogging lately. work and school gets in the way. if i remembered it right, i was not able to finish my last blog. i just excused myself but i was not able to go back right away. whatever the reasons i have, i cant recall them anymore. lately, i am always tired after work and school. midterm has just passed like any normal school days but the burden of having to endure the traffic in going to school has been too much to me. after so much contemplation on what better way to do, i finally decided that the best way is to look for a nearer school.

yesterday, i was on a field work in salitran, dasmarinas for an inspection of a proposed immaculate conception hospital. it so happened that the proponent(a medical doctor) owns several medical schools and hospitals in the province of cavite and in manila as well (emilio aguinaldo college). i told him of course im in my 2nd year year of nursing course and offered me the post of head nurse down pat. i chuckled and could not contain my amazement. i just replied if ever that happens, which is years from now ( i may not even know if i could graduate), i gladly look for him and grab the offer. :):) funny right...anyway, there's not much problem with their application actually. i could even prepare them right away so that they could start their construction the soonest time possible. but last night i was thinking of asking for another favor. not for though. but just the same, it is still a favor and would come off as something like im asking you know in return. im afraid i could not do that. but let's wait and see.

it's the feast of sto. nino today back home. i just called back home and bel told me it's drizzling down there (well, if im there, it may be scorching hot perhaps..:):)) anyway, she'll be coming over on the 28th together with her pops.

tomorrow, i will be meeting some of my classmates in high school and theyll be bringing along their wives and hubby. it would be fun and megamall will be a lot noisier...i just called up tere and she has qualms in going there.

til here for the meantime...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

it's 2005...

kinda late...but better than never to have a new year post here....

looking back (recollecting what's has been behind but not necessarily mean dwelling on the past misfortunes and stumbles) i had fun in 2004. for one, the opening of last year ushered a rather good start for me. i was accepted in a not so financially rewarding job but fulfilling one (that was what i was thinking before...i dont know for now :)) and then, i had too much fun and a lot of excitement when i knew people from outside my scope which includes my officemates and the people i knew along the way (clients i should say). added to that was having to enroll in the masters program and just lately (november to be exact) was nursing school. in the latter part though, i could say i enjoyed a lot until this very minute.

now, before i start to contemplate of what i will be in 2005, id like to chronicle 2004. what has become of me? what are the changes that occured? what were the things that shaped me along the way? how was i able to cope? how did it affected my plans? and all other pressing questions i need to assess myself.

i could not really say that im a changed individual. yes, there were changes but i am still basically me. the previous country side boy that conquered the chaotic world of the city. perhaps, it would be premature to say that i have changed a bit but the thing is, i change for good and not for something people would notice that i leaned towards the evil side. kidding aside, i have been a naughty one when it comes to dealing with people. i learned a lot of things actually. from dealing with the clients, psychologizing them, analyzing their thoughts and words and actions to the minutest detail of having to deal with my coworkers and my boss. the exact term would be MATURITY. yes, ive matured. ive growned. ive outlived my past apprehensions and has become a renewed person physically, emotionally, and dare i say financially? no not this time cos i still owe geline some extra pounds.

talking about being independent, im halfway i guess. i still live with my brother for free (well, except for the cable fee which i promised to pay and only a measly 250 bucks). food, water, electricity, i dont mind them for the moment. il think about it the moment they step out of the country maybe end of this year. for now, il enjoy what's being offered by my accommodating brother.

the year that passed also opened new doors for me. nursing school was not an option before but through the pressing encouragement of the people around me i finally settled to enrolled. at my own expense. whew...financially draining and nerve wracking though. lately though, im beginning to enjoy my studies and the girls (corrupting minors you would say...)

i dont know until when i will be going to and fro from the school but ive vowed to myself that il do better so that i could graduate on time. occasionally, im having a good time just beside the strip of the school for a bottle of beers or two with my classmates. the school? it's not that strict actually. sometimes, i find time

wait. i gotta go.