Saturday, January 22, 2005

extra busy lately...

it has been weeks, yet, i kinda feel like it's been years. simpy means, i missed blogging lately. work and school gets in the way. if i remembered it right, i was not able to finish my last blog. i just excused myself but i was not able to go back right away. whatever the reasons i have, i cant recall them anymore. lately, i am always tired after work and school. midterm has just passed like any normal school days but the burden of having to endure the traffic in going to school has been too much to me. after so much contemplation on what better way to do, i finally decided that the best way is to look for a nearer school.

yesterday, i was on a field work in salitran, dasmarinas for an inspection of a proposed immaculate conception hospital. it so happened that the proponent(a medical doctor) owns several medical schools and hospitals in the province of cavite and in manila as well (emilio aguinaldo college). i told him of course im in my 2nd year year of nursing course and offered me the post of head nurse down pat. i chuckled and could not contain my amazement. i just replied if ever that happens, which is years from now ( i may not even know if i could graduate), i gladly look for him and grab the offer. :):) funny right...anyway, there's not much problem with their application actually. i could even prepare them right away so that they could start their construction the soonest time possible. but last night i was thinking of asking for another favor. not for though. but just the same, it is still a favor and would come off as something like im asking you know in return. im afraid i could not do that. but let's wait and see.

it's the feast of sto. nino today back home. i just called back home and bel told me it's drizzling down there (well, if im there, it may be scorching hot perhaps..:):)) anyway, she'll be coming over on the 28th together with her pops.

tomorrow, i will be meeting some of my classmates in high school and theyll be bringing along their wives and hubby. it would be fun and megamall will be a lot noisier...i just called up tere and she has qualms in going there.

til here for the meantime...

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