Wednesday, February 09, 2005

lova palooza

yeah, you read it right. lovapalooza. it's not what you're thinking. aw joining on the twelfth. the problem is i have to look for a partner. har har har....anybody there (echo)....:):):)

just in front of out office is baywalk where that anticipated thing will definitely happen. saliva shuffle i may say with the manila sky as the witness. if anybody reads this and your a single unattached gorgeous orally hygienic woman not hitting the age of 30 just yet, well, you know what to do....hahahhaha

it's been over a week since i last attended my class. yep, i was absent for almost two weeks. i dunno what will be the grade that i'l be getting at the end of the semester though. hehehe...i know that i will pass the subjects but of course not with the usual flying colors that i usually get (mejo halata kayabangan ko dito) way back then. but just the same i'l pass....

til here...

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