Wednesday, April 27, 2005

rising with the tides...

reaching past anonymity and being able to surpass your expectation of yourself and the people around seems to be a task unattainable.

we see people around lurked in frustration but cloaked under a whiny smile, a sunny disposition and jolly aura. facade could be deceiving. the masks we wear is the mirror of how we deal with life. we take it as if everyhting could be hidden from the truth. that what is really inside will not spew out. time and time again, as it is with the previous ones who were before us, the real us will come out. never underestimate the power of nature taking its own natural course.

reverence for others, respect for opinions of people and acceptance are sometimes misconstrued as contempt by others. while it may be wise to say that to each his own, trite as it may, still we are pained by what people say. worst, we tend to wallow in self pity and hibernate with the negative thoughts thrown out way. but look at it the other way. since the coin has the head and tail, we may as well see other side of life. granting then that you were punished by a painful experience on the other side, don't despair. the other side may offer a better option. a lot of things are in store for those who are meek, those who are weary, those who are underdogs and those who are withdrawn. see, a lot of stuff are worth venturing for.

speak of comfort not this time.

i still had a deja vu of the three candles that i lighted in baclaran church.

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