Sunday, May 22, 2005

of being kalbo. again...

the line for my fx ride home after putting julie on her ride home also was way too long. right beside the fx terminal is carlo reyes salon. since it's way past 7 pm, there were no more messy sights of customers inside the salon. thinking about the promise i made for my male friends in the office to have my hair cut skin head (theirs have been shaved the day before me), i dediced to pass the time by having my hair shaved also. when i went inside and told them i want to have my head shaved, they asked me whether i want it 1 or 2 (i really didnt know for a hair to be shaved it has to have numbers). i just told them i dont want a skin head. at least save some for the conditioner (stupid of me i was thinking about shampoo during shopping and didnt look at the labels) that i bought a week ago. and so it was 1.

after shaving, showering (yes, they made me lie down on the shower chair and it felt good. really) and of course some amateur massage from the gay barber, i was clean looking. or is it really clean looking huh? truth to the matter is, after assessing my looks, i looked like more of an ex convict who just got of of prison (well a little bit tamed). and then suddenly at another angle i looked like some kind of a goon. was my decision to have my head shaved right? i guess not. but what else can i do? i could not reconnect all those fallen hair. also, my bulge at my nape is showing i looks like i have an abcess (think about being mataba lately...). but the bottom line, i felt lighter and there'd be no more expenses for gel :). and the fact that i was able to keep my promise to my office mates. now a bunch of us are kalbo in the office. come this monday, EIA Division will have a series of kalbo employees sitting on our tables. what a sight to behold.

environment month will be kicking of this june 1st. activity assigned to me and gina is to coordinate the tree planting project in imus, cavite. i already made the proposal last night including all the necessary documents needed. this monday, we'll be going to imus to talk with the mayor and finalize things.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

drunk but not dreary...

certainly not dreary.

i sometimes associate rains to dreariness. it has been the child habit in me that i would be feeling sad during rainy days. thank God it has not rain for quite some time now. but the blistering sun spewed its curse almost everyday. just this sunday, it tipped the measurement at 39.2 degree centigrade. a record after four years according to pag-asa. even inside the office where the airconditioning is functioning at its peak, the heat is just undeniable. my nights have been an agony. the eletric fan could not even help a little. im sweating it out until the morning. i wish i have some extra bucks to buy an aircon.

Monday, May 16, 2005

one more...

this particular one have been memorized already. i usually sing this when i'm with my friends from JRU (xander, dierlyn, leo and nad). xan knows how to play the guitar as well as leo that's why i had it in my head after several try's. i usually go there during weekend and spend the night there since drinking session always end at the wee hours of the morning (man, the tindera might ran out of alak kung mag iinuman ang mga to). when im there at dierlyn's place, expect that the following day, im still not my usual self and that during the previous night ive been throwing up to death due to so much alcohol in my stomach. nevertheless, i enjoy their company.

here's the song...
Sige, pag kasama ka naman,
Kitang-kita ko ang ating kasiyahan
Sige, wag na nating pigilan
At di magtatagal, tayo ay liligaya
Okey lang naman ang ating usapan
Hindi na lang babalikan ang nakaraanAng nakaraan
Ayos lang, basta't kasama
Konting alak lang, Kahit walang pulutan
Ang minsan, naaalala
Di magtatagal, tayo ay liligaya
Sige, pagpatuloy niyo lang
Unti-unting lunurin sa kasiyahan
Sige, pagpasensiyahan na lang
Mga pumipigil sa ating ligaya
Okey lang naman ang ating usapan
Hindi na lang babalikan ang nakaraan
Ang nakaraan Ayos lang, basta't kasama
Konting alak lang, Kahit walang pulutan
Ang minsan, naaalala
Di magtatagal, tayo ay liligaya

song to memorize...

this is the song im trying to memorize lately. there is nothing in particular about the lyrics that makes me sing but i just like hearing it over and over again. it's by 3 doors down entitled here without you. c'mon stretch out those tarnishing vocal cords...

A hundred days had made me older
since the last time that I've saw your pretty face

A thousand lights had made me colder and I don’t think I can look at this the same

But all the miles had separate
They disappear now when I’m dreaming of your face

I’m here without you baby
but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby
but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight it’s only you and me

The miles just keep rollin
as the people either way to say hello
I've heard this life is overrated
but I hope that it gets better as we go

I’m here without you baby
but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby
but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl it’s only you and me

Everything I know,
and anywhere I go
it gets hard but it won’t take away my love
And when the last one falls,
when it’s all said and done
it get hard but it won’t take away my love

I’m here without you baby
but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby
but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl it’s only you and me

Sunday, May 15, 2005

back to normal...

it seemed.

i probably miscalculated the slack time between the transition of our new director from the old one. i was expecting that it would came at the end of the quarter. but events sometimes surprises us without our knowing it. and so this tuesday, jubilation will be painted on the faces of my officemates...i would not elaborate some more since this manuscript will be read by a lot of people and some allied forces might go over this.

im back. this time im in the office and trying to contain myself i have a searing stomach pain. i dunno. i just had some paksiw na tilapia for lunch and laing. talk of nainibago sa pagkain kse i havent eaten my breakfast this morning.

last night, two ladies came by our internet shop to open their mails. one was way too pretty and charming she even asked me what is our closing time. so inspired as i am, i told her they could just come by anytime and stay until they want to. guess what im feeling? im looking foreward to their next visit. i hope tonight they'll come back. :):):)

a lot of paper work is to be done. but i can't finalize all of it yet since the turning over of the ew reponsibility of the new RD will still be tomorrow. i just hope that with the new administration, everything will just run smoothly. i just hope...

yesterday was the end of the 3-day sale at rob manila. i was planning to buy a new pair of shoes but i don't have much time to look for the one i like. julie and i after eating at marina passed by some shoe stores but the impulse to buy has not set in yet. maybe this coming weekend il go back and look for the shoes that will fit me right.

i could not bear the pain anymore. bye for now il visit the john first...prrrrtttttttttt.....:):):)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

sun burnt but happy

summer time beckons. it's the time of the year we always feel the itch to while away and have some time for ourself.

this time, boracay it is. trite as it may that i am a resident of aklan, i could never get enough of the island everytime i pay my yearly visit. the island has a lot more to offer from what you have experienced during your previous visits. is it because of the people? the party goers, the beach bummers and combers? the plain watchers? the endless choices for cheap finds for pasalubong? the oozing night life? maybe the food? or is it because of the beach itself? i dunno.


time and again, i am never a swimming lover (with exclusivity to beaches only since it makes me darker all the more. which means save for the indoor pools with covered ceiling). but boracay is entirely a different story.

now, you can figger out how i look after three straight days of swimming under the scorching sun yet cool and salty waters of the island.

may 2 proved to be a significant day for me. not to mention the day before that (well, it's a labor's day among other things and some things i'm saving for myself people will never know). i went with NEDA group in their company outing. gina (my office mate) went with me. we departed in manila at around 4 in the afternoon on board a van to batangas city pier where another motor vessel will be taking us to another island of calapan, mindoro ( you got it, we took the roro route). the van trip was exhilirating the airconditioner (or should i say the blower) was not functioning well. think about sweating out inside a closed van. it took us almost 2 hours. finally, the port of batangas came in sight. an international port in the making where a lot of reclamation are taking place. the ship we boarded was not that big just enough for 10 to 15 cars and for the passengers upstairs to sit and never lie on your back. the airconditioning unit wasnt working well too... a little to hot inside. we decided to head for the rooftop where you could see the islands. since its approaching sunset, the sun was at its magnificent place. the islands too were great as a backdrop we had some pictures taken during the trip. when dark set in, our alcoholic instinct told us to look for some beers. and so gina and i had one can each of san mig super dry at the rooftop while savoring the strong wind of the northern sky...

time to get off and head for the van again. this time bound for roxas, mindoro where another boat will take us to the island. the trip was exhausting again. really.

the ship bound for caticlan was a whole lot better. our accomodation was VIP room. and so i was able to stretch my back from the long journey. i dont need alcohol this time to bring me to wonderland. the fatigue was more than enough to lull me to sleep the minute my back touch the carpeted floor. i woke up feeling cold the aircon was in full blast. i had to spread my convertible pillow to cover my damp sole....

the morning cold woke me up. the not so transparent window is a witness that it's already morning and we're passing by the famous carabao island. it's the island before reaching the island of boracay. i was not able to see the shoreline though of romblon along the way. romblon province is also famous for its wonderful beaches. during my last trip there passing through the same strip of the ocean i guess, i was able to spot some dolphin jumping out of the water. not this time. but then i waited for some moments to pass by but there was really none.

anyway, while approaching the jetty port of caticlan, the island regales with its majestic white sand beaches from afar. i have noticed though that the shoreline facing the main island has been dotted with several infrastructure already compared to my trip late of last year. facing right through the main island is an expansion project of lorenzo villas. built right at the foot of the rocky mountain, the owner has constructed a concrete stairway so that you could go straight to the water. in fact you could use it as a diving board (if you're that resourceful)...other structures that could be seen i forgot the names but they are just as equally a sight to behold also.

pictures here and there. camera shutters are all at a buzz starting from the jetty port. our companions are just as excited as we are. another 20 minutes more of ferry ride and were finally there...

the moment my foot touched the oh so cool sand and clear waters, i felt exhilirated and at home. i could have kissed the sand and water if not for the ecoli and BOD and coliform in my mind. but i felt like home. that's the point.

well then, here's my observations during my three day stay in the island....

1. The Ultimate Boracay Fashion - people there dresses just differently. they have this unique style native only of boracay. two piece for the ladies are in with a sarong wrapped around their waste. You should have a henna tattoo for you to be able to relate. YOu're hair must be braided for you to be in. anklet, bracelet, necklace and earings in full color shouting coordination and a bag. And you must be dripping wet while walking along the shops. you must have the smell of a sunblock and not to mention the shades that completes the entire package. For men, trunks are out. surfboard shorts are definitely in without the shirt. of course, you still have that locally made necklace,, anklet, bracelet, the matching shade to hide away your eyes from so that you could watch the chicks in bikinis come hell or high waters. and oh well, of course the henna tattoo and the braided hair. yeah, for men, it's in. if you're a group, you could play rugby along the beach and pretend you're one of the rich men from the metropolis or a balikbayan from the north pole.

mind you, my entire stay there (im talking of almost all the time) was spent looking at the sexy people moving around in bikinis...but of course hidden under my tinted shades.

2. The Ultimate Getaway - boracay has a lot of things to offer for recreation. there's jet ski, scuba, para sail, banana ride, fly fish (i wish i could ride one day), island hopping, snorkel, boating, shopping, walking, celebrity watching, etc...the list goes on and on....

of the above, i was able to snorkel and island hop to crystal cove. first stop was going over the island just at the back to have pictures taken in the caves and some make believe ornate and old structures. we were in a hurry though since we only have 3 hours for snorkel and island hop. and so after some picture taking, we went straight to the snorkeling area. it was rather wavy but the sight underwater was really great. the fishes and the corals were all but colorful.

3. The Ultimate Gimmick Haven - boracay transforms itself into a gimmick mecca the moment the sun sets in. bars and kiosk and tables and chairs in all colors and shapes all come to life. the beach line is suddenly a sight to behold with the lights and the enticing food and drinks displayed on the shelf. any cuisine, you'll find it there. from timbuktu down to nauru island somewhere down under.

we spend the night at pier one during our first night. second night was at hey jude. the famous strip along d'mall. i had some lights and a sip of the frozen margarita bing2 had. sitting right next to my table were the crew of studio 23 with luis manzano (the vj).

4. The Ultimate Shopping Experience - name it, they have it in the island. great finds of course could be found in d'mall. though previously i use to shop in the now turned to ashes talipapa (i heard though that the businessmen there are slowly picking up the pieces). you could haggle for the pasalubongs at a bargain price. i think all the pasalubongs area there na. it's a one stop complete one stop shop.

5. The Ultimate Food Haven - now i could grin in envy at the food. as ive said, the food around the world just converge in the island. though a lot expensive, you could find some cheaper food store at the back portion of the island if your that spendthrift and dont want to taste the great cuisine the island has to offer. just like me, i was able to have a complete meal for only 29 bucks. that means one rice and one viand only. a swig of water will do the rest of the afternoon.

6. The Ultimate Sunset - yeah, what else is there than the best sunset in the whole wide world.

life is short. might as well enjoy the perks of it while we may still can...

honestly, im looking forward to another bora trip...bora...bora...bora