Sunday, May 15, 2005

back to normal...

it seemed.

i probably miscalculated the slack time between the transition of our new director from the old one. i was expecting that it would came at the end of the quarter. but events sometimes surprises us without our knowing it. and so this tuesday, jubilation will be painted on the faces of my officemates...i would not elaborate some more since this manuscript will be read by a lot of people and some allied forces might go over this.

im back. this time im in the office and trying to contain myself i have a searing stomach pain. i dunno. i just had some paksiw na tilapia for lunch and laing. talk of nainibago sa pagkain kse i havent eaten my breakfast this morning.

last night, two ladies came by our internet shop to open their mails. one was way too pretty and charming she even asked me what is our closing time. so inspired as i am, i told her they could just come by anytime and stay until they want to. guess what im feeling? im looking foreward to their next visit. i hope tonight they'll come back. :):):)

a lot of paper work is to be done. but i can't finalize all of it yet since the turning over of the ew reponsibility of the new RD will still be tomorrow. i just hope that with the new administration, everything will just run smoothly. i just hope...

yesterday was the end of the 3-day sale at rob manila. i was planning to buy a new pair of shoes but i don't have much time to look for the one i like. julie and i after eating at marina passed by some shoe stores but the impulse to buy has not set in yet. maybe this coming weekend il go back and look for the shoes that will fit me right.

i could not bear the pain anymore. bye for now il visit the john first...prrrrtttttttttt.....:):):)

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Ampalaya said...

Jubilation?!!!Yeah!!!! Overjoy! Utmost kung anu-ano pa! Wooops...allies? madami bang nagbabasa na llies dito...Lagot pala ako! Pati ikaw!!!Bwahhahhahha