Sunday, May 22, 2005

of being kalbo. again...

the line for my fx ride home after putting julie on her ride home also was way too long. right beside the fx terminal is carlo reyes salon. since it's way past 7 pm, there were no more messy sights of customers inside the salon. thinking about the promise i made for my male friends in the office to have my hair cut skin head (theirs have been shaved the day before me), i dediced to pass the time by having my hair shaved also. when i went inside and told them i want to have my head shaved, they asked me whether i want it 1 or 2 (i really didnt know for a hair to be shaved it has to have numbers). i just told them i dont want a skin head. at least save some for the conditioner (stupid of me i was thinking about shampoo during shopping and didnt look at the labels) that i bought a week ago. and so it was 1.

after shaving, showering (yes, they made me lie down on the shower chair and it felt good. really) and of course some amateur massage from the gay barber, i was clean looking. or is it really clean looking huh? truth to the matter is, after assessing my looks, i looked like more of an ex convict who just got of of prison (well a little bit tamed). and then suddenly at another angle i looked like some kind of a goon. was my decision to have my head shaved right? i guess not. but what else can i do? i could not reconnect all those fallen hair. also, my bulge at my nape is showing i looks like i have an abcess (think about being mataba lately...). but the bottom line, i felt lighter and there'd be no more expenses for gel :). and the fact that i was able to keep my promise to my office mates. now a bunch of us are kalbo in the office. come this monday, EIA Division will have a series of kalbo employees sitting on our tables. what a sight to behold.

environment month will be kicking of this june 1st. activity assigned to me and gina is to coordinate the tree planting project in imus, cavite. i already made the proposal last night including all the necessary documents needed. this monday, we'll be going to imus to talk with the mayor and finalize things.

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