Wednesday, June 29, 2005


as in changing of the season, i do acclimatize. i am slowly adopting to the busy pace of life. aint got a choice but to go with the flow. although i think it's not normal, i am beginning to get used to it. going home late. having to sleep late. getting early on the road. working to the bones. going to school and back home. routinary? yeah i guess so.

tonight, we have no class. it was announced last week so it's a relief unlike previous ones where i have to go to school and learn after braving the rain and flood and heat and traffic i could go on some more that we have no class. this time, it was announced. you know what i am thinking? because i am already used to having a class after work, it's rather strange that im home early. i have eaten early also and im in front of the pc updating my blog. it's a good thing that sometimes there would be no class so that i'll have time to update my blog.

good internet connection in the office is back. what a relief. now i will have a chance to be online the whole day again plus the fact that i could be able to use the free text which could save me a lot of money. yipee...

last sunday, i was not able to attend the practice for health care I presentation. i just slept the whole day. of course with intervals during eating time. i have to feed my self. i havent had a good meal especially during weekdays where id usually go home drunk (aside from being too late) and have no time to go upstairs and eat dinner. now i wonder why how will i do my piece this saturday since it would be role playing instead of the usual reporting. i heard from roland (my opto classmate that we have to be early as 7 am for the final practice). il just keep up with them. anyway, the role playing will be in tagalog lang naman. i have to practice my theatrical prowess again(sounds like i have an artist's blood eh).

yesterday was so taxing in the office. i was not able to do my routinary work the whole day. i had to do the lecture of RD for the PCAPI (topic was environmental, i tell you at the end of the day, i could still not figger out how i was able to finish it since i myself could not understand what i had written). then i have to finish another one since it was to be delivered today (topic was environmental issues/laws affecting food industries nowadays)...i have doubts also. im not prepared to do those things. had i been given some more time like 3 or 4 days the most, it could have been better. but just the same, i had to finish them. whatever the outcome, i just hope that they were not happy with it so that i wont have to do them again.'s mentally draining.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

my sked is choking me...

i thought i could handle both work and school at the same time with ease and grace. but i was wrong. my sked is choking me to death. non stop commuting to and fro. it must have been easier if i got a car here. fare has gone up. the pollution is at its peak. my asthma keeps on bugging me. i don't get that much sleep like i used to. the tuition is sky high. my pockets are drained. and so is my mind.

with the full load i took (read this: 24 units), i am in deep trouble. i know. but what else i can do. swim as they say. i wonder also how could i manage to attend to my community nursing duty every wednesday from 7-12 AM when i have work during these times. swim baby swim. one more thing, i wonder also where i could raise the money for the prelim exams. thinking about lots of things. but i swear to God if i could just survive this semester, perhaps i could roll over til the next three remaining semesters and im off from here. off from the shadows of aju. fuck i know i havent gotten over it yet.

let's change topic. i dont wanna ruin this night anymore. outside, the rain falls hard and the street outside is flooded again. good thing i was able to go home earlier tonight. tomorrow, i thank the Lord we wont have a class in health care 2. at least i could have a rest day since all my days are occupied from 8 til 5 in the office and 6 to 9 at school every day during weekdays and whole days of saturdays and sundays. what a terrible sked. i wont have time to go to the gym anymore nor would i be able to watch movies at all. worse, i could not have a love life with this kind of sked. but im willing to accept trade offs. whatever the cost, il gladly accept.

yesterday, i slept at albie's place with gina and mel. as usual, gina is still broken hearted. well, what else is new with her anyway :):):) we downed two emperador (gee, i wish i could swallow them without having to grip the chair im into) and wandered off to wonderland afterwards. gina and mel were still looking for some more but there were no available drinks anymore. good thing. i had to go at 6 am though because of my 7 am class. i arrived at the school at 8. late as usual. but the teacher wasnt there yet. so im not that late.

today, we had a demo for the NPI (that's nurse=patient interaction). got a grade of 95 though. my partner (rose) was swelling up to the bones laughing her hearts out during my interview with her. i dunno, i might be a joker in my other life. here's what transpired during my interview with her.

me (im the nurse and as protocol, i have to greet the patient, introduce my self and tell the purpose of the interview) : hi, rose, kumusta? kumain ka na ba? bat ang putla mo? di ka ba ang lilipstick?
rose: laughing so hard she couldnt talk anymore.
me : o bat ka tawa ng tawa? di ba sabi ni mam ma establish na at ease ang patient sa nurse? kaw talaga
rose: oo na. kumain na ko. pakbet nga ulam ko eh.
after telling her the purpose of the interview, i proceeded to the usual thing a nurse would normally ask.
me: ano po nararamdaman nyo ngayon?
rose: masakit po ang aking mata?
me: masakit ba o malabo?
rose: malabo pala (laughing again)
me: siguro di ka kumakain ng margarine?
rose: laughing again....kumain naman noon.
me: baka isang tabo lang. dapat isang drum ng margarine dapat...
rose: tawa pa rin
and so on and so forth...

when it was her turn to interview me, she could not contain herself and was still laughing. but anyway, we were able to go through the exercise. therapeutic din sya. ewan ko nag enjoy ako.

so much for now. my barkada would be coming over in a few minutes to down some more pulang kabayo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

back to normal..or so i thought.

days have passed. approximately a week after that tragic thing happened to me. can i say that everything is back to normal now? or i just thought so? i really dunno. time will tell.

things seem to fall in the right place though. am i just being rewarded by God for having suffered that much lately? or it's just me thinking that things are turning out right. my last post here was horrible. it was written with so much emotion and candor. with a lot of hatred and angst and so much more. looking back, i was way too emotional i guess. for crying too much and having to internalize it way beyond recognition what is to be done. but again, when you are at the zenith of your emotions you don't really know the demarcation line between what is right and what is wrong.

what has that become of me though? well i guess it taught me a lesson. it humbled my way too flashy ego and made me realize that we all commit mistakes. human as we are, perfection could never be attainable.

it's all water under the bridge now. as i've said, time will tell if where all this things will lead me into. whatever is in store for me, i know God has something better for me. and id gladly embrace it if that time comes.

back to my schooling, classes started last June 13 i think. that was tuesday because it was holiday on the 12th since it was independence day. everyday though is a school day for me even until weekends. my class starts at 6 every night and ends at 9. tired and consumed always, i see to it that i am alert inside the class. weekends, my class starts at 7 until 9 in the evening. that's lecture and more of it and laboratory. curacha according to mich for like having no rest at all. well, it works on my favor. with these il lose some more pounds and hopefully achieve my ideal weight again. on wednesdays i have a community and hospital duty which of course i have to be absent in the office. duty starts at 7 and ends at 12 which means i could come in during the afternoon pa rin. not that bad. i still get to keep my work. i dunno during my remaining years though if i could still juggle work and school.

i have to go now. i still have to make my assignment in anatomy and physiology class. plant and animal cell anyone? duh, it looks like im going back to high school....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

mahirap mabuhay...

masikip ang aking dibdib. kagabi pa. dala ng aking sakit (hika at ubo na mejo matagal na). hindi ko alam kung ang sakit na eto ay dulot ng aking problema o dala ng ubo na may konting plema. basta ang alam ko masikip dibdib ko. ilang araw na rin eto. pero palagay ko dahil sa problema na aking dinaranas ngayon na binigay ni adan.

eto ang kwento. siyet sasakit na naman dibdib ko nito. pag ako'y inatake dito alam nyo na kung sino sisisihin.

miyerkules. tama nong miyerkules nga. umaga pa lang mainit na ulo ni aju. tinawag ako at may mga pinalitan sya sa imbestigasyon ko sa royal tern at tsarina grand villas sa gentri. di ako umiimik non. sabi ko sa sarili ko okay lang kse boss ko sya. palaging tama di ba. palitan ko daw report ko. in short, iimprove ko daw at ayusin. walang problema sa akin yun. ang sa akin lang naman wag palitan ang nilalaman ng aking report. putsa, eh palitan ba naman ang ibang nakasulat dun sa mga findings ko. wag daw isali ang mga nakita ko na hindi naman naka saad dun sa reklamo ng royal tern. ewan ko di ko maintindihan talaga. palibhasa bobo...pero okay pa rin ako. kinuha ko na lang report ko at sabi ko susundin ginawa nya.

pagdating ng hapon mainit pa rin ulo. bulong ko nga kay bobby na katabi ko sa mesa, baka may sumpong o di kaya may regla si adan at kung ano ano ang pinagsasabi. pinapabayaan ko lang. tutal di naman ako inaabala sa trabaho ko. pagdating ng alas tres, may technical conference na sya daw ang mag preside kse ala si mam eloi at mam siony. eh ang siste nawawala ang mga documents. ang pinag initan eh ako. aba eh malay ko ba kung san ang mga dokomentong yun basta lumabas na sa akin ang mga for action di ko na alam. ang alam ko ako ang gumagawa lang ng mga sulat at mga imbitasyon. pinahanap sa kung san san at di nga makita. kaya ayun nagalit na naman...hinampas ang papel sa mesa nya sa tapat ng taga munisipyo ng rodrigues, rizal ata yun na isa sa mga naimbitahan. kaya ayun pinagalitan ako. etong si mommy geline di rin makita. sa opisina ni rd wala din dun. kulang na lang sabihin ko sa kanya di ako ang nagtatago ng files. eh sa galit nga at tsaka boss is always right di ba. tahimik ako sa tabi. malungkot. di alam gagawin. sabi ni gel skin bigyan ako ng juice. sabi ko yosi na lang. putsang buhay to nasasangkot ako sa problema na di ko alam. o hindi nya lang mapagalitan si mommy gel kaya ako ang pinapagalitan. pero okay lang sa akin yun tsong. kahit ako'y kinukulang sa hininga at masakit na sa dibdib ko tinaggap ko yun. boss eh, always right. putang ina....

pero hindi un problema ko. nong umaga ibinalik nya sa akin ang project ni kalbo na memorial park (paborito nya na idelay na project kse ka away nya). nakalagay sa marginal note mag explain daw ako bakit nadelay ang project. eh nong june 7 pa sa kanya tapos june 15 nya ibinalik sakin. kanino nagtagal? di ba sa kanya? eh naghahanap lang un lagi ng lusot. pero di pa rin ako sumagot. sabi pa nya ala pang pirma si aldrich. kaya ayun, pinirmahan ko ang kay aldrich tsaka diniretso na kay madam siony kse may pirma naman sya dun sa iba.

pero eto ang siste. nakita nya na may pirma si aldrich. nagalit na naman sa akin. mabuti na lang naka alis na ako ng mga alas kwatro. umalis na talaga ako kse di ko na kaya pagalitan pa ulit. hinanap ako. mabuti nagsabi ako kay gel na punta na akong skol. pero di ako pumuntang skol non. sa sama ng loob ko yinaya ko si gina sa tokdo para uminom. oo. alas 4 ng hapon pumunta kami dong dalwa para uminom ng colt. may problema din pala sya kaya naghahanap ng inom. nag yosi kse kami sa likod at sbi nya sakin tara inom na tayo. eh ako pa. masama loob ko the whole day. kaya ayun uminom kami. eh sa wala ako kaya sya gumawa ng memo na pina paexplain ako bat ko daw pinirmahan ang report. okay lang sana sa akin un kung para sa akin lang. eh hindi eh. copy furnished ba naman ang director at admin at si mam siony. san ka pa? putsang buhay to. ang sa akin lang naman ginawa ko un in good faith para di magtagal ang project. ni wla nga akong singkong duling na natatangap dun sa project na un kse hindi na ako ang nag inspection at nag conduct ng public consultation. sa maikling salita, ginawa ko lang ang ecc. putsang buhay to.

masama pa nito, ung hapon na un mismo, binigyan agad ng kopya ang mga naka cc. ang tindi ng galit ni aju talaga ano. pero sana kinausap muna ako. hindi ung memo kaagad. eh pano di alam ang gagawin. bobo kasi. ng gabi ding iyon, humingi ako ng paumanhin kay gel na sabi ko syensya na kasi mejo bad trip lang ako kako kanina kay adan kaya umalis ako ng maaga. yinaya ko pa nga sya sa tokdo pero sabi nya may rush din sya. reply ni mommy, may memo nga raw ako. dahil dun sa pirmahan blues. duh...inom pa. alak pa. mabuti at dumating si rey at milner para makipag inuman dun. enjoy naman ako. masaya kasing kausap si rey. si pangga naman iniwan ni milner. iyakan blues. wala rin akong masabi malaki din problema ko. sbi ko lang maghiwalay na lang sila. nasa katinuan pa naman yata ako non.

ng matapos kami ng inuman, sama talaga loob ko. di ko alam gagawin ko at di ko alam pupuntahan. gusto ko pang uminom. mahigit limang daan binayaran namin don sa tokdo ibig sabihin naka 4 na rounds kami or 20 bottles in all na colt. eh nauna kami ni pangga uminom. ibig sabihin mga 6 na naubos ko. di pa rin ako lasing. dala ng sama ng loob, hika , ubo at putang ina na hindi ko maintindihan. tinext ko mga barkada ko sa JRU. sabi ko may problema ako at kita kami sa total dun ang inuman. total gas station yun malapit sa JRU na pinapasukan ko dati. buti naman at dumating si leo at zander. maasahan talaga mga kaibigan na mga tambay. kakagraduate lang kse kaya mga pasaway. 4 na colt binili ko (ung malalaki ha...jumbo ba tawag non. lasingan mga pre sabi ko may problema lang ako. ang putang ina kong immediate boss. tapos bumili pa ako ng 2 vodka cruiser. inubos ko un. di pa rin ako marindi. putang inang buhay to. sa daming alak na pumasok skin di maalis sa isip ko ang pamimersonal na ginawa ni adan sa akin. sa tabi ng table namin may mga pokpok pa. nakipaglandian pa ako para maalis lang ang problema ko. wala pa rin. napunta na lang kay leo si aj (aj nga pangalan at di pa rin ako lasing) at dun sa harap naman naglaplapan ba naman. kadiri kse nakita ko dun sa isang table nakipaghalikan din sa isang lalake. eh di parang nakipaghalikan din si leo dun. yuck..etong si zander gusto din pala makipaghalikan kse lasing na rin. mantakin mo apat na colt. mga 1 na ng umaga di pa rin ako nakauwi. di pa ubos ang inom eh. pumunta pa kaming 3 dun sa isang barkada namin para mambulabog. eh tulog na. kaya umuwi na lang kami. ang 2 sumama pa sa akin sa bahay. pagdating ng bahay inuman ulit. bumili pa ako ng 3 pulang kabayo. todo na to mga pre. tutal masama loob ko. mamamatay na kung mamatay. siguro mga 4.30 na ako nakatulog. sa liit ng bahay ko dun sa sala natulog ang dalawa kung san nakalagay mga computers. ako sa loob na lang.

dapat di na ako nakagising. magpapasalamat sana si adan kse akoy na tsugi na. eh hindi eh. ang aga kong nagising. 6 pa lang gising na ako. pag cr ko puro suka ang laman. putsa. ang baho. si zander pala suka ng suka. pero di ako sumuka. pag problemado pala ako kahit isang drum inumin koung alak still standing pa rin. pumasok pa rin akong office.

etong si aju tinawagan na pala si mam siony para i brief at nag usap pa sila pag dating ni madam. kaya alam ko galit din si madam sa akin. tahimik lang ako na gumagawa ng trabaho ko. kumukuha ng tyempo para umeksena kay madam. ng makausap ko si madam okay naman sya. mahinahon at tinulungan ako. un nga lang sabi sa akin baka di na sya magtitiwala. naiintindihan ko un. sinabi nya sa akin na humingi na lang ng paumanhin. ginawa ko. di sa personal ha. sa memorandum din. syempre cc din si rd at ang admin.

pagkahapon, pinatawag na ako ni rd. alam ko kakampihan ako pero syempre may konting sermon na dapat di ko ginawa yun. nadamay ko pa nga si aldrich sa usapang eto. kakahiya man kay aldrich ala akong magawa. babawi na lang ako sa kanya. una akong tinawag sa loob. pagpasok ko andun na pala si aldrich, sir bob sheen at tita odette. sinabi ko lang na sana kinausap nya muna ako bago ako binigyan ng memo. un lang sinabi ko. pero di ako umiyak. mahinahon lang ako. mahinahon din kse si rd at mabait pati si sir bob. tapos sabi ni rd at sir bob, napakaliit na bagay pinapalaki daw nya.

ng tinawag si adan, pagpasok nya namumula din ang alang hiya. kala siguro susuportahan sya. eh hindi. ng mag explain nagsinungaling pa. sabi daw binalik ni mam siony ang documents sa kanya. eh that time wala si madam siony. sinungaling talga. pero ala akong kibo. silent night kung baga. putang ina mo sa isip isip ko. may oras ka din na hayop ka. ayun pinagsabihan pa sya ni sir bob at rd. maliit lang na bagay dapat pag usapan at sana di na raw gumawa ng memo. ang siste ng tanga, tatango tango din. oo sir oo sir ang drama. putang ina palabas na kami may sinabi pa si rd sa kanya. narinig ko eh, sabi, adan kill the memo, wag ng palakihin yan....pumalakpak tenga ko. buti nga sayo tang na mo. eto pa bago ako lumabas tinanong kung magkano sweldo ko at sinabi ni rd na dadagdagan daw ako ng 1,000 kami ni aldrich. di ba gud news yun? 12,600 sweldo ko nito aside sa travel at honorarium. wa epek memo ni adan. sabi pa ni rd kay tita oddette idagdag daw ako sa editorial board. nabasa nya kse ang madamdamin kung reply kay adan. baka nadala. wa epek ang memo. pag labas ko ngiti na lang ako.

pero ganon pa rin. sa tingin ko nagsumbong si adan kay mam siony kung anong pinag usapan sa loob. kaya feeling ko mainit pa rin ulo ni mam siony sa akin. pero just the same, i have to accept the consequences of my wrong act. pero promise, pinirmahan ko lang un para mapabilis ang ang pagtakbo ng documents kse malapit na deadline. ika nga done in good faith. kse kmi naman nila albie, lora at jenny dati (sa central na sya ngayon), pinipirmahan namin ang bawat isa kung ala sila dun. mutual understanding ba. ako pumipirma din sa signature ni lora sa mga pass outslip at DTR. ung tipong pirma ng kaibigan na alam mo yun di magagalit kse kailangan pirmahan. siguro naiintindihan naman to ng mga magkakaibigan. si adan lang talaga ang di nakakaintindi palibhasa alang kaibigan ang bobo. ung tipong alang halong pagkukunwari at deception na pirma kse alam mo kailangan. pero kse nga iba iba tayo. sa amin nila albie okay lang talaga un....alam ko kahit kela shine at gina okay lang yun kse nga kailangan. di naman un tseke na pipirmahan mo kse kelangan mo ang pera. ibang usapan un.

pero un nga. tapos na ang kabanatang ganyan sa buhay ko. wala na akong magawa. kung mainit man si mam siony at adan sa akin nito. tatangapin ko na lang.

papalitan ko na nga pangalan ko sa monday. bukas pala. FORGE na pangalan ko by the way. kse nakalagay sa memo FORGERY. forgery nya ang putang ina nya. sabi ko nga bakit di pa nya binigyan ng kopya ang DENR Secretary para lubos lubosan na. kala mo talaga kung sinong malinis na tao. putang ina. parang di ko alam ang pinagagawa nya. mabait pa rin ako. kse nong magkausap kmi dun sa room ni rd hindi ko man lang sinnabi na pinapagawa ako ng inspection report at ako pa ang pumipirma. dalawang beses pa yun. pero may narinig ba sya sa akin? putang ina nya. wala. wala. saan ang mas masahol don. sa pagpirma ko sa kay albie na may pahintulot nya o sa pagpagawa ng inspection report sa akin? eh wala akong magagawa eh...

yun na nga, FORGE na nga pangalan ko. kaso ko kasi dati unexplained wealth. ngayon forgery na. good luck sa akin. at sa mga nakabasa nito, ginawa ko lang to para sa sarili ko para gumaan ang masikip kung dibdib. para man lang maibsan ang hirap na dinaranas ko ngayon. bukas, lunes di ko alam ang gagawin ko sa opisina. bahala na.

ang gumagalang,

FORGE (o di ba maganda naman pakinggan?)

Monday, June 13, 2005 last blog did not register...

after a lot of attempts to recover my blog yesterday, i was so disapointed i could never find them at all. it was very important though. i gathered all my courage to publish it here after a long time. but of all entries i have, it was the one that was lost. i pretty know that i saw the 100% published that's why i checked it right away. but it was not really there....

and im not writing it again. it was rather long and full of candor and emotions since i thought about it for a long time. but just as it is...wla akong magagawa...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

no work...while away.

it's weekend.

finally, i was able to enrol yesterday. the fee was skyhigh at almost 30 thousand but i bit the offer (offer? not really but i don't have that much choice. in fact it's the only choice i have as of the moment). it took me the whole morning to fix every thing. from the evaluation of grades, to assessment, payment including IDs and library card as well as in the tailoring for my whites. it stretched up until 2 in the afternoon though because i have to wait for another 30 minutes for my pictures. and so i was late in the dancing competition at the central office.

i got there past 2 perhaps i missed the presentation of my friends. i was able to watch some others though at the back portion. some of the presentations especially that of ERDB was way too puffy and cheesy for an audience who has not been into culture and the arts lately but admittedly, i was entertained. and so they went home with the bacon. as for my friends who did their best, they came home nothing. sad and rather disappointed, i am still rooting for them for the effort they gave in for the presentation. to shine, gina, lora, tere, albie, poroy, rey, milner, dj and the rest...congratulations...alak na lang tayo...hehehe..mas praktisado kayo dyan. kidding aside, let's join a boxing competition next time and not a dance presentation...ahahahah...but hey, credit goes to rey and milner for taking the dance floor like a pro. hats off...hey rey, could you send me some footages or pix so that i may post it here?

we ate our lunch. a very late lunch at almost 5 at the globe booth (yep, a lot of booths were there from the industries as well as for the offices who participated) courtesy of mcdo. some isaw and pork barbecue completed the menu. of course there's the perrenial suka since i was with the pasaway group. shine introduced her new fling (err...i dunno) diego and was too comfortable with the group which is good because there would be no hard time at all to get acquainted with each other.

after the announcement of winners julie and i headed home together with the others with fallen expecatations. i took the fx from the central office up until here cos i was feeling kinda asthmatic again. smoke gets through me lately like it's just a bomb about to explode. i downed an entire mineral water during the duration of the trip which almost took me an hour and a half. went i got home, i was feeling a lil better.

but there's another session waiting. actually, i usually call it a prayer meeting so that when julie, would ask, she would not get mad to me....err...just for fun...

and so today i have nothing to do at all.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

office woes...and some others...

the atmosphere in the office is so disgusting/disappointing today. well, i just hope it ended today. you see sir adan is always a pain in the ass. he's a dork that doesnt think at all that his subordinate are only humans and could be at any moment feel tire and drained. i hate this feeling that everytime he calls me, there is always resentment why i am under his wings. if only looks and suppresed emotions could kill the cat, he's a dead meat several times.

whew...i could not handle his style anymore. i swear that not in this lifetime id be able to work hand in hand with the kind of person he is. i really despise him a lot. gel knows about this since i usually talk things over to her and my agonies in the office. although im good at putting a facade they don't actually know im mad at a certain person, there is an end to this i guess. i just hope that one of this days i wont flare up in front of many people. i just hope...but i could not promise.

asthma attacks have been doing the rounds lately. occasional seizures in my chest (chest pains) sometimes hampers my work but all in all it's the asthma attacks that has been bothering me lately. added to the fact that the legal section has been repainted has worsen the situation. although the paint smell was on its peak yesterday and today it has mellowed down, the fact is there is still the smell. right now, i feel short of breath. not right now but actually most of the time.

i wasnt able to enroll yet in nursing school. i dunno wat will happen to me. im at a loss actually. im confused with everything. with studies, with work, with personal life and everything.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

rainy days are here again...

tomorrow will be opening of classes. expect a tremendous traffic that will eat up the whole of metro manila even in the outskirt provinces. and tonight, just tonight, heavy rain came pouring down the road outside the house is flooded again. school is indeed here. rains, traffic congestion, and a whole lot more seemed to be in the air.

tomorrow, il try my best to beat the traffic. i swear il wake up as early as 6 o'clock so that il be in the office by 7. although i am considering if i change my office hours from 8 to 5 instead of the 7 to 4 i had the admin listed for me, im having second thoughts because i might be able to enroll still either in pchs or in de ocampo.

i dont feel like writing at all...bye for now.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

sick but was able to drink...

yeah, i'm sick. but last night i had three bottles of light beer. and im feeling better today. which gets me into thinking that i should drink lotsa beer so that id feel a whole lot better. although i missed the tree planting today (i cant wake up as early as 5 this morning which is the assembly time in the office), it would be better because i would have a chance to rest for the rest of the weekend.

practice for the dance presentation will take place at RD's residence the whole weekend. which means i would not be able to join the group. it's fine with me though. at least i'l have an excuse for in the first place i didnt want to join naman talaga. good way out dude....

so much for now...i gotta go to school first to fix my transcript...

Friday, June 03, 2005

sick after a long time...

yeah, im sick today. which explains i am able to update my blog because im not in the office today (you see, our connection was disconnected). i have a fever, flu and cough. i think ill die. i can't understand what im feeling right now. this started when rd tolentino invited us to some sort of drinking spree after our dance practice (im dancing for the environment month presentation on the 10th...thriller by michael jackson). but i dont know if i could join tomorrow's practice with what i am into right now. back to what i was talking, RD Tolentino invited us at Fely's and Manukan and i went home at 2 in the morning. i wasnt feeling well the following day but i have to go to the office cos i have an investigation in cainta, rizal. and so feeling sick and all, cainta here i come. jay's airconditioning unit in the car was horrible. it's better to open the window. but then pollution was so taxing on my heart i had to choose the former. with airconditioning on, i was all sweat. i even removed my shirt but it didnt help at all. after cainta, i was off again to imus, cavite with the same van of jay (whew...) this time to coordinate with the mayor for tomorrow's tree planting. i was so tired. really. but i could not just say no because i was in charge of the tree planting activity. and so here i am. sick and all due to fatigue and lack of sleep. there's the work in the office, the coordination with the visitors for the activity, the investigation i have to conduct, my friends i have to give time also, and the dance practice. ...speak of busy lines...

lately, it has been mine and julie's habit to go home at the same time. it has been routinary though that sometimes i hope that we could do some other things aside from eat together or just go home together. although it works on my advantage most of the time because i could refuse the drinking session with the others. well, maybe there's a purpose in everything.

tomorrow will be the tree planting activity in imus where i coordinated everything and with the help of gina. i cant be there though because im sick but i just hope that everything would turn out just fine and smoothly. i pray to God there would be no hassle at all.