Wednesday, June 29, 2005


as in changing of the season, i do acclimatize. i am slowly adopting to the busy pace of life. aint got a choice but to go with the flow. although i think it's not normal, i am beginning to get used to it. going home late. having to sleep late. getting early on the road. working to the bones. going to school and back home. routinary? yeah i guess so.

tonight, we have no class. it was announced last week so it's a relief unlike previous ones where i have to go to school and learn after braving the rain and flood and heat and traffic i could go on some more that we have no class. this time, it was announced. you know what i am thinking? because i am already used to having a class after work, it's rather strange that im home early. i have eaten early also and im in front of the pc updating my blog. it's a good thing that sometimes there would be no class so that i'll have time to update my blog.

good internet connection in the office is back. what a relief. now i will have a chance to be online the whole day again plus the fact that i could be able to use the free text which could save me a lot of money. yipee...

last sunday, i was not able to attend the practice for health care I presentation. i just slept the whole day. of course with intervals during eating time. i have to feed my self. i havent had a good meal especially during weekdays where id usually go home drunk (aside from being too late) and have no time to go upstairs and eat dinner. now i wonder why how will i do my piece this saturday since it would be role playing instead of the usual reporting. i heard from roland (my opto classmate that we have to be early as 7 am for the final practice). il just keep up with them. anyway, the role playing will be in tagalog lang naman. i have to practice my theatrical prowess again(sounds like i have an artist's blood eh).

yesterday was so taxing in the office. i was not able to do my routinary work the whole day. i had to do the lecture of RD for the PCAPI (topic was environmental, i tell you at the end of the day, i could still not figger out how i was able to finish it since i myself could not understand what i had written). then i have to finish another one since it was to be delivered today (topic was environmental issues/laws affecting food industries nowadays)...i have doubts also. im not prepared to do those things. had i been given some more time like 3 or 4 days the most, it could have been better. but just the same, i had to finish them. whatever the outcome, i just hope that they were not happy with it so that i wont have to do them again.'s mentally draining.

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