Tuesday, June 21, 2005

back to normal..or so i thought.

days have passed. approximately a week after that tragic thing happened to me. can i say that everything is back to normal now? or i just thought so? i really dunno. time will tell.

things seem to fall in the right place though. am i just being rewarded by God for having suffered that much lately? or it's just me thinking that things are turning out right. my last post here was horrible. it was written with so much emotion and candor. with a lot of hatred and angst and so much more. looking back, i was way too emotional i guess. for crying too much and having to internalize it way beyond recognition what is to be done. but again, when you are at the zenith of your emotions you don't really know the demarcation line between what is right and what is wrong.

what has that become of me though? well i guess it taught me a lesson. it humbled my way too flashy ego and made me realize that we all commit mistakes. human as we are, perfection could never be attainable.

it's all water under the bridge now. as i've said, time will tell if where all this things will lead me into. whatever is in store for me, i know God has something better for me. and id gladly embrace it if that time comes.

back to my schooling, classes started last June 13 i think. that was tuesday because it was holiday on the 12th since it was independence day. everyday though is a school day for me even until weekends. my class starts at 6 every night and ends at 9. tired and consumed always, i see to it that i am alert inside the class. weekends, my class starts at 7 until 9 in the evening. that's lecture and more of it and laboratory. curacha according to mich for like having no rest at all. well, it works on my favor. with these il lose some more pounds and hopefully achieve my ideal weight again. on wednesdays i have a community and hospital duty which of course i have to be absent in the office. duty starts at 7 and ends at 12 which means i could come in during the afternoon pa rin. not that bad. i still get to keep my work. i dunno during my remaining years though if i could still juggle work and school.

i have to go now. i still have to make my assignment in anatomy and physiology class. plant and animal cell anyone? duh, it looks like im going back to high school....

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