Saturday, June 25, 2005

my sked is choking me...

i thought i could handle both work and school at the same time with ease and grace. but i was wrong. my sked is choking me to death. non stop commuting to and fro. it must have been easier if i got a car here. fare has gone up. the pollution is at its peak. my asthma keeps on bugging me. i don't get that much sleep like i used to. the tuition is sky high. my pockets are drained. and so is my mind.

with the full load i took (read this: 24 units), i am in deep trouble. i know. but what else i can do. swim as they say. i wonder also how could i manage to attend to my community nursing duty every wednesday from 7-12 AM when i have work during these times. swim baby swim. one more thing, i wonder also where i could raise the money for the prelim exams. thinking about lots of things. but i swear to God if i could just survive this semester, perhaps i could roll over til the next three remaining semesters and im off from here. off from the shadows of aju. fuck i know i havent gotten over it yet.

let's change topic. i dont wanna ruin this night anymore. outside, the rain falls hard and the street outside is flooded again. good thing i was able to go home earlier tonight. tomorrow, i thank the Lord we wont have a class in health care 2. at least i could have a rest day since all my days are occupied from 8 til 5 in the office and 6 to 9 at school every day during weekdays and whole days of saturdays and sundays. what a terrible sked. i wont have time to go to the gym anymore nor would i be able to watch movies at all. worse, i could not have a love life with this kind of sked. but im willing to accept trade offs. whatever the cost, il gladly accept.

yesterday, i slept at albie's place with gina and mel. as usual, gina is still broken hearted. well, what else is new with her anyway :):):) we downed two emperador (gee, i wish i could swallow them without having to grip the chair im into) and wandered off to wonderland afterwards. gina and mel were still looking for some more but there were no available drinks anymore. good thing. i had to go at 6 am though because of my 7 am class. i arrived at the school at 8. late as usual. but the teacher wasnt there yet. so im not that late.

today, we had a demo for the NPI (that's nurse=patient interaction). got a grade of 95 though. my partner (rose) was swelling up to the bones laughing her hearts out during my interview with her. i dunno, i might be a joker in my other life. here's what transpired during my interview with her.

me (im the nurse and as protocol, i have to greet the patient, introduce my self and tell the purpose of the interview) : hi, rose, kumusta? kumain ka na ba? bat ang putla mo? di ka ba ang lilipstick?
rose: laughing so hard she couldnt talk anymore.
me : o bat ka tawa ng tawa? di ba sabi ni mam ma establish na at ease ang patient sa nurse? kaw talaga
rose: oo na. kumain na ko. pakbet nga ulam ko eh.
after telling her the purpose of the interview, i proceeded to the usual thing a nurse would normally ask.
me: ano po nararamdaman nyo ngayon?
rose: masakit po ang aking mata?
me: masakit ba o malabo?
rose: malabo pala (laughing again)
me: siguro di ka kumakain ng margarine?
rose: laughing again....kumain naman noon.
me: baka isang tabo lang. dapat isang drum ng margarine dapat...
rose: tawa pa rin
and so on and so forth...

when it was her turn to interview me, she could not contain herself and was still laughing. but anyway, we were able to go through the exercise. therapeutic din sya. ewan ko nag enjoy ako.

so much for now. my barkada would be coming over in a few minutes to down some more pulang kabayo.


Ampalaya said...

uyyyyy!!!!I smell Rose...este...romance! You can inject naman pala a "lovelife" in school e. haha! Teka, e paano naman si Julie? Di ba lovelife yun!-=)

Ampalaya said...
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Diamond R said...

Binabasa ko ang blog mula 2004 na amaze lang ako dahil bihira lang ang nababasa kong blog na matagal ng nagumpisa at nag papatuloy sa ngayon
mahirap gawin yon.

di ako nag co comment pero dito sa post mong ito tawa ako ng tawa.ganito lang dapat ang