Saturday, June 11, 2005

no work...while away.

it's weekend.

finally, i was able to enrol yesterday. the fee was skyhigh at almost 30 thousand but i bit the offer (offer? not really but i don't have that much choice. in fact it's the only choice i have as of the moment). it took me the whole morning to fix every thing. from the evaluation of grades, to assessment, payment including IDs and library card as well as in the tailoring for my whites. it stretched up until 2 in the afternoon though because i have to wait for another 30 minutes for my pictures. and so i was late in the dancing competition at the central office.

i got there past 2 perhaps i missed the presentation of my friends. i was able to watch some others though at the back portion. some of the presentations especially that of ERDB was way too puffy and cheesy for an audience who has not been into culture and the arts lately but admittedly, i was entertained. and so they went home with the bacon. as for my friends who did their best, they came home nothing. sad and rather disappointed, i am still rooting for them for the effort they gave in for the presentation. to shine, gina, lora, tere, albie, poroy, rey, milner, dj and the rest...congratulations...alak na lang tayo...hehehe..mas praktisado kayo dyan. kidding aside, let's join a boxing competition next time and not a dance presentation...ahahahah...but hey, credit goes to rey and milner for taking the dance floor like a pro. hats off...hey rey, could you send me some footages or pix so that i may post it here?

we ate our lunch. a very late lunch at almost 5 at the globe booth (yep, a lot of booths were there from the industries as well as for the offices who participated) courtesy of mcdo. some isaw and pork barbecue completed the menu. of course there's the perrenial suka since i was with the pasaway group. shine introduced her new fling (err...i dunno) diego and was too comfortable with the group which is good because there would be no hard time at all to get acquainted with each other.

after the announcement of winners julie and i headed home together with the others with fallen expecatations. i took the fx from the central office up until here cos i was feeling kinda asthmatic again. smoke gets through me lately like it's just a bomb about to explode. i downed an entire mineral water during the duration of the trip which almost took me an hour and a half. went i got home, i was feeling a lil better.

but there's another session waiting. actually, i usually call it a prayer meeting so that when julie, would ask, she would not get mad to me....err...just for fun...

and so today i have nothing to do at all.

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