Tuesday, June 07, 2005

office woes...and some others...

the atmosphere in the office is so disgusting/disappointing today. well, i just hope it ended today. you see sir adan is always a pain in the ass. he's a dork that doesnt think at all that his subordinate are only humans and could be at any moment feel tire and drained. i hate this feeling that everytime he calls me, there is always resentment why i am under his wings. if only looks and suppresed emotions could kill the cat, he's a dead meat several times.

whew...i could not handle his style anymore. i swear that not in this lifetime id be able to work hand in hand with the kind of person he is. i really despise him a lot. gel knows about this since i usually talk things over to her and my agonies in the office. although im good at putting a facade they don't actually know im mad at a certain person, there is an end to this i guess. i just hope that one of this days i wont flare up in front of many people. i just hope...but i could not promise.

asthma attacks have been doing the rounds lately. occasional seizures in my chest (chest pains) sometimes hampers my work but all in all it's the asthma attacks that has been bothering me lately. added to the fact that the legal section has been repainted has worsen the situation. although the paint smell was on its peak yesterday and today it has mellowed down, the fact is there is still the smell. right now, i feel short of breath. not right now but actually most of the time.

i wasnt able to enroll yet in nursing school. i dunno wat will happen to me. im at a loss actually. im confused with everything. with studies, with work, with personal life and everything.

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