Wednesday, July 27, 2005

life's a shit!

i finally knew that life is. and who would have thought it would be this way. not in a million years.

im drunk right now. it's 11:30 in the evening and im barely able to contain myself. i was not able to update my blog for a long time and it's high time for me to do so.

after office, shine and i went to albie's house to drink. matador at that. i went home afterwards feeling a lil bit tipsy and arrived home to find that mak had his friend. and so another drinking session.

pulang kabayo. i already downed two bottles and it's quite liberating. i am trying to type here as sober as i could but the keyboard just seem to be offhand. i dunno. i had to strike the backspace a lot of times just to make my work readable. now you'll know why wrong spelling would come out later. i could barely see the screen.

anywaym, tomorrow is the start of my prelims week. il start with health ethics and i hope 8i could pull it off. i havent studied a single copuy of my notes but i still keep muy fingers crossed taht id make it tomorrow.

first thing first, i hope i could pay my bill first because i could not get the exam if i coulndtr pay the bill.

til here im out of tuened yata...

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