Wednesday, January 11, 2006

january woes and worries...

but first, triumphs would top the list. the year opened with a lot of surprises. or is it really a surprise or should I say some sort of a shock. I was not expecting a bit that this would progress into the something so big. Something favorable on my part and something im so proud and happy about. You see, finally, she said I love you to me. Once last nyt and the other one just this morning. Im elated that after so many months she’s falling for me. I cant hide the tinge of happiness on my smile every time I think about her. So, it’s official. January 11 just this morning in camp aguinaldo near their quarters. sealed with a kiss.

now, with the woes and worries. finances since time immemorial is the first. I still have 28 thousand left and another 6 thousand for the capping/pinning. Whoah, where on earth would I produce that money. My savings has been drained to the inner core. Nothing’s left. And so I pray to God that he would send a miracle. Please God….

The emergency morning meeting called by RD startled all of us (aside from the rumor that this building will collapse). Rationalization allegedly is going full force which means that contractuals will be affected the most. Im keeping my fingers crossed that our funding would not be affected so that I could continue my schooling. The situation in the government if you are contractual is so volatile. You’ll never know the next day you’ll be terminated. But that’s how they play the game here. Going with the flow is the best alternative.

Uncertainty besets us all. Be that as it may, we still continue to grind our assess and do the menial job this Office could offer. There are no better choices left as of this time except to swallow what is being fed on us. Given the choice, there could have been an exodus of employees here. With not much options, everybody is left in quandary.

now, the forbiddens. It’s final, gina’s contract was not renewed. While the rest of ours has been given another year, you grieve for the lost one. What pains us more is the indelible mark she has left on the forbiddens. I would not elaborate more on this things because I personally understand what she’s going through. I just hope that everything would turn out right for all of us.

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