Tuesday, February 14, 2006

way too busy...

a lot of things interfere with my life lately. it's as if everything is blocking my way. for one, yesterday or i mean the other day i was not able to finish my blog. think of loose priorities and unmanaged time. not only that, major pain blocks my way to a clear and rosesful path to happiness (i learned lately though that he's not a major but a colonel, much higher than what i expected and that he's working with the intellegence group of the AFP). now think about what he can possibly do. am i seeing a dead end for us? just this morning bel texted to inform me that one of her officemates saw us at st. claire lighting a candle. maybe that officemate saw much more the only thing im worried about is that he/she could spill the beans to major pain.

i was in quandary and confusion last week due to those death threats coming from major pain. although i did not faltered with what i feel for bel, i admit that at one point i was terribly scared to death. who else wouldnt be? it was the first time i got those and swear to God i felt warm and hot all over when i read those text messages. during the first day, i was not that much bothered at all sensing that he could not possibly locate me. it was only the day after that everything sink in. i mean, God, i could be dead any moment when i go to school or when i am with bel. but since my love for bel is much stronger than the threat, i continued to see her and not bothering whether someone might be following us. all the more, i feel that i love her more. i dunno but that's how i feel and i think no ships and rods or bullets could deprive me of seeing her. risky as it is we continue to meet and have dinner always.

last sunday, i went to church alone because she could not make it. she just had to follow when the service was over so that we could have lunch together. after that i brought her home. the block before going to our rented house is a new salon though. so we dropped for a while to have our foot scrubbed (yeah, it felt good). after which, i introduced her to my older brother and my sister in law. right after the conventional introduction, we went ahead so that she could fix her things for the next day's duty. and since we should not be seen together we just parted ways to meet somewhere also. talk of hiding and hiding...

last night, feb. 13. she invited me for a dinner date. in the afternoon though, i texted her that i would not be able to attend our 6-9 pm class because i have to fix some errands for my another brother outside the country (i was to buy flowers and cards and chocolates for her girlfriend). but she would not give in. and so i told her that il just come in late and we'll just have a late night dinner. after class, we went to ortigas to look for a restaurant where there's not much customers. and so we found racks (the best ribs in town so their logo says). it's a place on the heart of ortigas near congo grill and mcdo. although im not really familiar with the place, i enjoyed the late night quiet dinner because there were only two more customers inside aside from us. we were wondering then where in the world are the people in the times of pre valentine's. it was a dinner full of witty and stuffy conversation. the food was superb ( i like the grilled pork chop. the best so far ive tasted here in manila). it was almost past 11 when we reached her niece's condominium. i did not got in though we just kissed on the elevator to say our good nights and valentine's greetings. i gave her the heart shaped ferrero chocolate which i bought at robinsons manila that afternoon. indeed it was a night of fulfillment. although today i may not be having a date anymore, i feel satisfied that i was with her the other night. her reason for not going out today is of course very obvious to me. major might be nosing around...:):)

just the same, it's a night full of love and affection not even major pain could stop us.

happy valentine's.

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