Friday, September 15, 2006

new work...

Call it first timer jitters. An established proverb would say it all begins with a single step. And so I am in my first single step. I started as a newbie here yesterday. I had misgivings though but I finally prompted myself that I will stay here for the rest of my life. My dialogue with HR yesterday was not at all satisfying. For one, they could not determine still what will be my salary. I wonder when will they be able to figure it out. Although im assured that it will not go down what I expected, still I have to know what path to take so that I could take off from where I want to start. I was given the requirements though. I hope before the month ends I’ll be able to complete those. I was also briefed with basic rules and regulations of the company and was disappointed to know that I will not be able to wear jeans and shirts. I was a bit devastated but I could not do otherwise. I have to follow instructions if I want to get the appointment. I also learned and able to meet my kababayan there named Ging. At least I could have a contact when I go up in HR to follow up for my benefits and err, promotions…JJJ. Regarding the benefits they are giving, I was quite amazed that they are getting a lot. In six months or more, I’ll be able to avail all of them also. On the sides, I’d like to note that the people in HR are quite accommodating and amiable.

My first day here in ESG was sort of getting to know them by names (I could memorize their names already). I am a bit hesitant but I am glad to know that they are reaching out to include me in their conversations and small talks. Vivian was way accommodating for inviting me during break time to have coffee and merienda in the pantry. Sir Frank was also supportive for having a small chit chats with me in between. Bimbo on the other hand gave me brochures that kept me busy for the rest of the day (reading that is). Ma’am Toni on the other hand was eager to let me do the work right away that I like because I hate idling. I am supposed to do the database of ECC/CNC processed but Vivian forgot to give me the raw data. I was supposed to do it today but she’s still not around. Il just have to remember that I have to deliver the goods at the end of the week.

Yesterday was spent also on briefings on the work that I will be doing here. Although im a bit familiar with the work, there are a lot of things I have to learn. For one, I was amazed at how organized they are with what they are doing here. From the receiving until such time that the documents are released, everything are in order. They have forms for every activity that is easier for an evaluator. Case in point during the screening and the review proper, they have forms to guide you. Wow, not so much brain whacking for an evaluator. Vivian was telling me if I could fine-tune the said forms but I said that they are good as it is. I think I will not be having a hard time unlike in my previous work that I have to scratch my head to evaluate documents thoroughly. Wow, a guide…I did not think about that when I was in the other office. I still have a lot to learn though. I believe my knowledge is still not at par with theirs so I have to do a lot of research and read a lot.

While browsing through the pertinent laws related to PEZA given by Bimbo, I was caught off guard since there are a lot of things I have to know. Before, I thought that I know a lot about environmental laws, not I have to double check what I know. Up until today, I still am on the process of familiarizing with the basic laws that is the Bible of PEZA. I brought my manual but it’s not enough. In here, you have to be well versed not just with one law but will all the five basic environmental laws such as Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Solid Waste Management Act, Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management Act and Philippine EIS System (which is my forte). Those laws are the things that I have to review. I may be needing my brochures which I left in my previous Office and hope to be familiar with it.

Well, my thoughts on whether I have regrets in moving out of EMB? None whatsoever. I feel I will be comfortable here in due time and will be able to master the work sometime soon. Just give me a month or two and I will be able to know the ins and outs of documents, their styles as well as their personalities in which I could fit it. Im a flexible person and I believe I could easily associate with this kind of people. Prima facie, the ESG Group personnel are all amiable and accommodating also. In due time, I wont be a shy type guy anymore here but a part of the group.

It’s true I miss my former office mates but it just end there. I have to move on. Yesterday after my office here, I went back there to endorse the projects that I left. The only thing I left there are my things. I plan to get them on weekend since I put it in one box. I am saddened though that I left them but it’s for my own good and security as well. I’ll miss mommy geline and bvhoy (my constant companions during lunch time) but it has to be that way. In no time at all, I’ll be finding new friends here also. It doesn’t mean that I am leaving them. Of course not. I’d still get to mingle with bvhoy and shy since they are my constant gimmick mates. With mommy geline probably once or twice a month would be the most I could offer. I am becoming so emotional that two days prior to my resignation day, I was crying during night time. My last day was not so lonely actually because bvhoy gave me a treat in Manukan (pansit canton, peanuts and quail eggs over a bottle of sprite). After that we went to Shy’s house to find all the rest of the housemates there. We ate dinner together and had some conversations after. We went home afterwards. Good thing bvhoy did not went home in his house but spent the night in my house. It was not all lonely at all and I had someone to talk to when we got home. The house was empty good ting he was there. Tired as I am I jest watched TV for a few minutes and slept afterwards. The following morning, instead that I take the route straight to PEZA, I took the route of MEB still with Bvhoy going to PEZA. I was so devastated when we parted ways when he went up the building while I have to cross the street in pedro gil to take the fx going here. Finally, it’s real. I have a new office I actually said to myself.

Im back. I worked that’s why I stopped writing this morning. Anyway, it’s approaching 5 and my work is done. Where was I again? Yeah, when I realized that it’s for real that I finally transferred to a new work. A bit odd and strange environment but I’m starting to like it.

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