Tuesday, September 19, 2006

second week...

So fast. It’s my second week now. In a week’s time if I am to assess myself with how much I am faring with work, I’d say that I wasn’t able to yet accomplish what I had in mind before the week started. But just the same since I am a newbie, I have a lot of things to learn in order for me grasp the work here. Bimbo and ivan will be going out of the country for a seminar next week and im sure the work will double up on my shoulder. It’s a welcome challenge though.

Btw, I like my chair far better here that what I have in EMB. Ergonomics wise, I am comfortable with it. When I got here, I was doubly glad to know that I have my own pc and table right away. Internet ready at that.

Weekend was very eventful for me and the oisters. Friday was spent until 4 in the morning at Saguijo. Bands there were rocking real good. Kamikaze was there (my favorite rock band in the whole wide world), urbandub(wow, wow, all I could say is wow…real good), then there was the up and coming anggulo which I think will nail a place in the music industry soon (the vocals was way too good with spiels and singing as well), the ever noisy quezo played also and I forgot the other one. In short, one hell of a time. Imagine I sustained myself until that time which I could have normally slept. There was not much beer actually since it’s too expensive (50.bottle) excluding the entrance fee. Good thing shy footed the bill on the entrance. Bvhoy and I still manage to go home since he has still to go to the wake. He dropped me off in my house. The whole day of Saturday was spent sleeping. The luxury I get lately.

Then Saturday night was another drinking session night. Shy texted me she’ll be coming over with lester. And so I texted bvhoy to come over too. They brought kfc take out dinner which was good. Hmm…we downed two grande red horse bottle except for bvhoy who was I think not feeling for the night since his date was cut short. Bad trip in short and he was just very eager to go home. The group split up at 10.30 (way too early) to head home except for me since it’s my house…

Yesterday was spent with God in the morning and at manila baywalk at time. Such ironies. I have come to realize about what the life coach was saying yesterday about three things. It’s about depth against shallowness, duty against slyness and devotion against separateness. I was just stunned that all the while I was not able to assess myself and I am leaning towards this worldly sins. Attitude check they say and check it is. I was guilty and the sermon just overwhelmed me to assess my life again. I hope I could be able to grasp and employ the depth of what I want in life. Of what I want to be and whom I want to make an impact with. Duty in the sense that in my work, I have to be fully dedicated. So timely I say since I have a new job right now, I could start all over again, I thank God for putting me in the new office where corruption is remote and I could work without any hang ups. I pray to God that he will continue to bless me and guide me in my day to day living. Now that I am leading a new life, I hope that the Lord will not just help me with my new work but the reconstruction of my whole life. I want to change everything in me. While I see that the effort should be more than with me with the help of the Lord, I know that I have to start somewhere else. The first step towards being new. For the moment I do not know yet where to start. I have to begin somewhere else. I’l drop my old number perhaps and stop chatting with my old ym add. Yes, that’s better. It’s a good start.

It’s almost 8 am. Bye for now I have to work.

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