Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i have nothing to do...

I have some reservations when it comes to getting what I wanted to get and with people blocking my way. While it has been a written rule on my life not to interfere with the works of others except otherwise I am involved in it, I cant help but be wary over some things that I am not involved personally but I am affected nonetheless.

Good thing that for one month now, I have been a changed person. I see to it that I would not comment nor step my foot forward on things that I am not involved with. I am glad to say also that for sometime now, I have stopped to back bit people and have learned to become passionate and considerate. You may say that it comes with aging. Perhaps true if you look at it that way. Maturity is a sign that indeed we can handle any circumstances that comes our way.

There are eight (8) of us here in the office. new recruits like shiela and me are tying to fit in ourselves. While there is not much adjustment for me as I felt I am already comfortable here, I still am getting to know their unique personalities. Some are on the neutral and safe side while the others are arrogant and know it all type. And so I would l am thinking of maintaining my usual silent type persona.

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