Wednesday, October 11, 2006

october bling bling...

sunny feelings eh…judging from the title, I’m quite renewed and not feeling so damn low just like what I felt during my previous blogs here. What brought the feeling? I dunno. and let's leave it that way. the thing is, i don't have a heavy heart right now. well, maybe just this very moment i feel good but i still dont know. perhaps this afternoon i'l turn sad and gloomy again. mood swings? nah. just a normal reaction to things that happen around.

im almost one month now in my new work. il be turning one month exactly tomorrow. well, i could say that i have finally settled down. except for some of the new things that i am learning in solid waste and hazardous waste section, the eia has been such a breeze like a walk in the park.

yesterday, i was with bvhoy at shy's house. we watched the dvd he produced which was about her and tin. after which we ate the crab that i brought along from our house. i left hurriedly because bel will be coming over to meet my parents.

and so they met. hehehe. not much of a fuzz. just the usual hi and hello. she went after eating dinner with me. the day after auntie nita, michelle and mike went home also. their flight was 5 in the morning so all of us were awake as early as 2.30 am. i slept right after they left though.

nanay and tatay are left here. i think they'll be spending some time here before going home to unwind. good for them.

bye for now.

p.s. last night was balot's birthday. there was no beer at all. im pissed. hehehe.

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