Thursday, October 12, 2006

thank you Lord...

“Lord I come to you…your spirit leads me on…by the power of your love.” I woke up late with this tune heard from my neighbor’s house. It has been the song I was dying to recall a month ago. Although I know the melody of the song, I forgot the lyrics not until this morning. I heard it in a Catholic Church maybe a month ago and bvhoy was trying to ask me what was the title of the song that obviously I don’t know because I forgot. And so this morning I am late in the office because I basked on the beauty of the song. It’s a beautiful song that every time I hear it, I am compelled to reflect on my life and what has been happening to me lately. I was supposed to do a research but the internet is not functioning yet. This is maybe due to some technical problems experience by the network. But anyway, since I was able to recall some of the lyrics, it would be easier to look for it on the net. It’s high time then to download software for music and video downloads. My laptop back home could not accommodate files anymore due to files that have piled up all over the years plus that of manung’s.

last night was a little bit peaceful at home. Not to discount the fact that I had a peaceful sleep. In fact, I overslept. I hit the bed at exactly 10 in the evening after the soap of anne curtis and was virtually into wonder land minutes after. I woke up though tired because my sleep was more than eight hours. This is attributed maybe to lack of sleep for the past few nights due to some visit from relatives. Although nanay and tatay are still here, they were at my aunt’s place the other night. So the house was relatively peaceful and very conducive for sleeping.

Work here in my new office compared to my old one is a breeze. It’s like a walk in the park. Now, I can blog til kingdom come. Would you trade that for anything else? Of course not. I could also browse the internet and chat anytime I want. I could read all the information from newspapers and all documents from anything under the sun. Of course, I do have reservations, when there is work I see to it that I finish the work first before going to some hullabaloo.

I forgot to blog last weekend due to busy schedule. Worth blogging was our visit to the OB for an ultrasound. And so after two hours of waiting, I found out that I’ll have a baby GIRL. YES, IT’S A GIRL. Just what I exactly dreamed of. Man, I was in seventh heaven after learning that it would be a girl. Although the ultrasound result says that it’s 85 per cent female, I am pretty sure that it already is.

This early, I am thinking of a name. I am considering the name AVA for so long a time since it has been the dream name of my mother ever since the world began. She was frustrated for so long a time that she was not able to have a girl for herself. When Chloe was born, she thought that her name would be ava. But Manung and Ate Lanie did not consider such name much to her disappointment. And so I am considering such name. Bel would have the option if she would give a second name to our baby but definitely it would be.

Judging from my last two blogs, I am no longer affected by my departure from my previous office. it’s true that time heals all wounds. In so short a time, I was bale to move on. It’s exactly one month from where I took off in emb and I am glad that within that period I was able to get over the feeling. I hope it would continue this way that I am no longer affected with anything. I can attest to the fact that the other night, I went home early and left them there. After watching the video, I admit that I was hurt a lot but after which, I was amazed that I felt nothing at all. No more pain and no more wallowing in self pity. I am GLAD. Terribly GLAD that gradually, I am no longer feeling the hurt and the pain that I felt after I left the Office. I hope it would continue this way. I think that the Office has moved on also. Distance does make the heart not grow fonder. :):):)

Now I realize why God allowed my transfer. God has his own ways for my own good. Thank you Lord.

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