Friday, October 27, 2006

the wrong path...

On my ride for home last night, Aerosmith was on the background. It ushered back poignant memories of how my life was turned upside down when it was still my favorite song. Though I intentionally did not paid attention to it, I found myself closing my eyes and trying to relish on the message of the song. Simply, I could not escape the reality that the song can be associated of what I was like a year ago or more. Admittedly, I still have fondness for the song. Obviously, it will stay forever imprinted in my read only memory. And so, I did some run down of my one year life changing journey during the thirty minute ride.

Going back, life was so simple then. I was with EMB working at the same time taking up nursing at PCHS. Life was routinary. I would go to the office during day time and go straight to school after work. In between, I would join my friends in some drinking session somewhere at the back of our dilapidated office. When I have field works, I would no longer go back to the office. Instead I would wander around the metropolis or prepare for my class. Then I met her in one of my subjects and it all started from there. My life became chaotic from that moment on until now.

I couldn’t say that I regretted that one year. In fact, I learned a lot. There were many lessons, mistakes, realizations and intricacies worth the sacrifice. It actually made me more mature and strong. Sturdy strong at that I may say.

Just right now, I realized that part of moving on phase is being able to talk about it and not having to be bitter about it. Have I moved on in so short a time? I mean, it was just last Friday that we broke up. Maybe because it has been ages that I felt this way and that I had so much of it. Talk of “ kung puno na ang salop.”

Last night, I invited Mommy Geline for a dinner. I invited bvhoy too but he was not able to make it because probably he has a date. And so I was able to talk about what has become of me and my relationship for the past weeks. Mommy has been ever since can be depended upon. When I was still in EMB, she will be a shoulder to cry on. She was my cigarette buddy during my uneasy times and most of the time when I am just down and uncomfortable with my working condition. She was just there to listen and give her piece of advice. And I am glad that last night she was there again to listen to me. More than anything, I need a listener who could just understand me. Aside from that of course, we made up for the lost times. We talked about anything and everything. We parted after some two hours of talking.

I was supposed to do some charity work last night but my laptop would not just function. I was jittery because when I opened it, it was able to boot up but then when mak looked for something he accidentally tripped over the cable and the pc went dead. After that, it never returned to normal and I could no longer start the black thing. In my frustration, I slept early. I hope ballot could come over this evening and fix it so that I could finish the charity work I started two nights ago.

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