Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i am still the same...

To some, I have changed a lot. As for me, I think I am still the same. Though I think I have added a little bit of rebelliousness in me. Maybe a pound or so. Looking back, I am not really a rebellious type before. It was just lately that If I am not able to get what I want, I would look for other things that would be an outlet. Usually, things which are against my conscience which I would do just for the heck of it. It happened a lot of times already. I am afraid though that I will be used to this kind of thing where I would normally fight back being a rebellious one when things do not go well. I think I did it thrice already in a span of two months. And I am having the time of my life. Promise, I am beginning to like it. Ahahaha. Time and again, the bottom line is I don’t have to do it because it is not just me.

I have been lax lately on my blog habit. I told you. If I am my happy self again, I tend to forget to blog anymore. The good news is that I was able to fix my petty misunderstanding with bvhoy. Also, I was able to make amends with bel and we get along well after almost a month of not talking on the phone. And since I don’t have a heavy heart anymore, the bottom line is that I am happy and therefore there is no room for me to write my happiness anymore.

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