Sunday, December 03, 2006

it's december...

after sleeping for almost 14 hours after a very tiring trip in subic, i woke up hungry and drained. for one, i havent eaten rice for almost two days because our caterer was an italian restaurant. so there was risotto and pasta and other bland italian cuisine during my entire stay in subic. the hotel was great. my room was situated overlooking the pool of the hotel which was great. although i didnt get to enjoy the scenery and the place, it was still a trip that somehow brought in a lot of realizations for me. the bull session was exhilirating it ended almost after 2 in the morning. nevertheless, it was worth it.

back to what i was talking when i woke up (i drifted right away to some other things), i walked in the busy streets of estrada to look for food. the air that greeted me when i went down was cold and has the distinct christmas feeling. little did i know that Typhoon Reming was unleashing its wrath in some parts of the country. Which explains why the air was cold and damp. Ahh...the great Christmas feeling. I found a nook that sold some home made dishes and i devoured veggies since i missed them for quite some time now.

the subic trip was supposedly rest and leisure in the guise of a planning workshop cum bull session. as it turned out, it was all planning workshop to the core and bull session to the fullest. the initial plan of having to have a night out, casino and nature trek did not materialize at all. what materialized was the short trip to royal subic duty free. i got px goods for a reasonable price mostly toiletress and some chocolates too for bel and bvhoy and shy.

last night, i went to malolos, bulacan with arnie. we were to join mae's elementary friends for their reunion. we went there past 8 already but the van we took was way too faster than i expected. in no time at all, we were at Paradise Resort with mae's friends. i was a little bit apprehensive to join since there were a lot of them who had started drinking already by the time we got there. after the awkward introduction, arnie and i blended well with the group. well not after 3 to 4 shots of hard drink. after which, it was a breeze knowing them and mingling with them. it was easy to get along well with them after. then we went swimming. it was a long night of drinks, swimming and conversations. we went home at 5 in the morning which explains why i slept the whole afternoon. during the morning, mae and arnie had an extended stay here since we hit the microphones for the karaoke singing.

til here. the letter i is not functioning well and i hate to hit the keyboards.

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