Tuesday, April 24, 2007

of threats and being happy...

Amongst the two being combined together just very recently in my oh so colorful introduction to the family life, I am amazed at myself that I came out strong and courageous (somewhat an understatement though but I chose to assess it that way).

If Miriam defensor-santiago eats threats during breakfast, I practically have them the whole day. I mean I have them during unholy hours of the day even midnight from the one and only colonel ed de castro. Who else? Tsk tsk tsk…

I’m not saying I am not disturbed by the text messages. In fact, there are times that and I mean most of the time that I have apprehension whether I will open my message or not because one way or another it would be another death threat from ed. whew… it really is difficult to be happy. To say the most, he makes it soooo difficult for me and my family to be happy.

All the death threats have been saved in my folders box though. Who knows he might just implement what he says. With that investigators would have a clue on the cause of my death (if ever there would be people interested enough to investigate the cause of my death). Sometimes, I am contemplating of saying my good bye piece to my love ones and acquaintances so that they will be prepared of my departure.

But then again, during the past five days that my wife and my daughter spent with me, I was changed entirely. I am extremely happy. Those were the five happiest days of my life. And so I have postulated that I am not permitting ed to cut my life and my happiness. My family is my life now. And I am happy to have my own family and nobody must destroy my family.

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