Friday, June 15, 2007


i am amazed at how things have finally been straightened out in my life after ava was born. a week after she was born and too much bohemian adventures in and out of the metro, i am a changed person. "changed" in the real sense of the word.
call it a "blessing" in the guise of a small bundle of joy every single day but my life has turned a complete 360 degrees. not that i have regrets. in fact, i am completely contented with what i have right now even with a meager means to make both ends meet. i dont have all the world in my hand but with my daughter and my wife beside me, it's like hitting the jackpot in a las vegas lottery dra
if i am to quote a famous rock song, it would be "...the best days of my life" from bon jovi's summer of 69. i couldnt ask for more. well, of course materially i want to have my own house where i could raise my family and eventually a car. although i see it coming before the year ends, i still am feeling complete and having no violent complaints whatsoever with how it is going smoothly.
discounting the daily threats from major, i am just a simple family man who goes to the office religiously and back to the house come 5 in the afternoon. it's a routine but i indulge in it and i always look forward in coming home early to see ava and play with her. her grin lightens up our small abode. she brings a smile on our faces every single day.