Friday, January 11, 2008

august 2007..the tattoo

there are times in our lives that we feel we need to do something that will forever make a dent. i did just that weeks prior to my birthday. i had a dragon tattoo. for the longest time it has been my dream to have a tattoo but it did not materialize at all. finally, i gathered all my wit and courage to have the painful needle and ink work wonders on my back right portion.

see for yourself.


Overthinker Palaboy said...

i dream to have tattoo as well. but i always chicken out when i imagine the needle pricking my skin gazillion times.

tHirDy... said...

hey thanks. sometimes, i am amazed when i see random comments in my blog. hahaha. im used to having none since it has been kept private for a long time. :) now that i write some wholesome things i decided to have the others take a peek too. thanks thanks...:)