Wednesday, October 22, 2008

heavy heart...

how come I have heavy heart when I should be writing about the progress of my daughter? On the way to the office today, I thought (well, I usually have my own silent hours during the entire trip from home to the office and vice versa) about making a blog on the day to day progress of ava. But I can’t help it. I feel I am devastated with what happened this morning. But I am not gonna dwell into that as it would only make things worse and make my heart grow heavier.

And so I will make a blog for my daughter and not talk about those things. I wish I could take pictures and videos as well but my memory card was damaged a week ago. The last time I posted a blog, the posting for images is not working in blogspot. Although the video posting is quite okay, it is better to post pictures.

For almost a year now (well over a year actually), my blog has been boring. For reasons that one way or another I am already happy and don’t have anything to write at all. I am not saying that my life has been boring too but I have this natural tendency of not being able to write well if I am on happy mode. Well, maybe right for some reasons and sometimes wrong since i could write if I am compelled to write. And so I decided to write about ava since with her as the topic, I would never ran out of things to write.

The internet is not working today and so I am writing for the meantime in word format. I will just transfer it later when there is connection.

Thus, I am planning to change the title of my blog page to diaries for my baby ava…nice title ayt? JJJ

Lately, there are a lot of things that ava has been doing for the first time that I was not able to record or capture. Let me enumerate briefly.

At one year and six months, she is able to recognize all the alphabet including numbers. When she turned one year old and seven months, she is able to recognize primary colors.
When she was I think one year and five months, she can memorize all her flashcards and the pictures in it.
Lately, she can also memorize all the commercials on the tv. She even sings with the jingles. Of course, she’s a little bit blabber mouth or bulol but you can figure out what she’s singing. I hope she grows up to be a fine singer unlike us her parents.
my wife and our p.a. likes to watch telenovela’s and so she is also into it. She tries to sing along with the OST of Dyosa and I think she’s pretty good at it although she can manage to sing the last syllable of the words. Funny coz every time she does it she would quizzically look at us as if telling us that hey I can manage to carry a tune now.
well, she has tantrums too. Sometimes terrible tantrums that it would flare us up also and makes her vulnerable to spanking.

For almost a month now, I have been worried about the small little thing that has developed below her right eye. It looks like protruding skin and developing like a small wart you see in old people. What bothers me most is that it is beginning to spread out since I saw another one developing into wart-like skin near her nose. When my bonus will be finally given this week, for sure I will bring her to her pediatrician.

Lately, due to the opening of the clubhouse ( I think it was opened on 3rd week of September), it has been our family bonding every week end to go swimming. However, even during usual days, she would normally drag us downstairs to go to the clubhouse for swimming or just play in the kiddie play ground. Result? She’s like a native from Nigeria now. Literally auburn skin due to the sun. I too did gained some color. Hahaha. While the fact remains that ava would be the reason for swimming, deep inside I also like it. But not during high noon. Sometimes during weekdays, mabel and I swim at night before it hits 9 pm (it closes way too early).

But then most of the time I just bring her to the kiddie play ground. The play ground has slide, swing, climbs and a little house perfect for kids. Even the area has been covered with white sand to create an illusion of a beach inside the clubhouse. Looks great in the picture though. I haven’t taken any picture yet for reasons stated above but then I would definitely take pictures of ava in it and hopefully post it in the blog.

Some three weeks ago, she has her booster shots (I dunno what kind) but I was not able to go with her since I met Alice to get the bags ate lanie sent from the states. Accordingly, she added more than a kilo. Good news for her since during the last three or four previous check up, she’d normally add up some two pounds only. This morning, she was still asleep before I left the house. I think she added some more pounds now as her cheeks has become more pronounced and her arms and legs have become sturdy.

Ironies of ironies, this early morning when I was still in bed (well, not it bed actually since I slept on the sofa). Something fell and broke into pieces inside the rest room. At first I thought the sound came near the kitchen cabinet only to find out that it was from the rest room. It was the mirror after all. Notwithstanding some beliefs on bad omen and stuff like those, I wish to believe that there is no any untoward incident happening at all. I wish.

Auntie Nita together with Michelle and Mike arrived here last Sunday to apply for a job abroad and at the same time to while away I presume. I was able to bond with them last Wednesday and Friday. Actually, last Friday was Auntie Nita’s birthday. I met up with them in 168 Mall as they were there to buy stuff for their extended family back home. She was kinda sick that time and the day after that was their flight home. I later learned yesterday that she was confined in the hospital. I wish she is well by now.

As of this writing, nanay is still in new york living with manung eymard and ate lani. She left last September 5 and she is there more than a month now. Judging by the pictures she sent, I think she is enjoying here stay there. Last time we chatted on the internet, she sees over chloe if manung and ate lani are not around. Most of her day is occupied watching tv I guess after sending off chloe to her school and fetching her afterwards. She has pictures also of apple picking and some background of Disney characters. Well, it has been her dream to come to the land of milk and honey. Finally the burden given to me before that I will bring her to the states have been taken off already. Thanks to manung.

Last Saturday, we went to SM Sucat to have the passport picture of ava. We had a hard time though convincing her to pose for the camera as she was extremely shy to smile (well, lately, she has been a little bit shy of people probably because they have not been going down to mingle with other children). After some 10 minutes, we were able to convince her to give that elusive smile to the photographer. Mabel gave her a picture to tinkle with to divert her attention while the photographer would call her name. and that’s it. But then the picture wasn’t that great. I am not that satisfied. Well, since we only paid 60 pesos for the pictures. Unlike on the other studio were we initially inquired. It was like 200 pesos. Whoa. We hurriedly left the place to look for another photo studio.

While waiting for the picture, we spent the time in tom’s world were there are rides. After which, I bought a macaroni salad for her to eat. She liked it by the way. She was all seated and behaved during the entire eating. So unusual of her since she is normally naughty especially in the mall.

Then we went to the grocery store to buy some food for her for the entire week. Prior to that we passed by the toy and book store of SM and spend sometime reading with her nursery books much to her likeness. We ended up buying one of the abc books for her.

Office woes…

This section deserves another column (as if I am a columnist in a newspaper of national circulation). Last September 12, I turned two years older here in peza. Quite a milestone for someone like me who has been contemplating on transferring work from one to another for the past years. Not really I should say because all the while I’ve been contemplating also of moving out. But this time, moving our of the country to find a better job. I have come to the conclusion that if I am to transfer to another work, it would be outside the country only.

Get this. Before I strike the age of 35, I should be out of the country. And so I have two more years to go before that time comes. This early I am planning to take the IELTS to help me with my goal. I wish I could achieve this goal within two years. I am considering also taking GRE if it would propel my way to go out of the country for good.

Two options...

First, either I apply for a scholarship outside the country. It has downside though. I have to go back here in the Philippines and serve my corrupt fellowmen.

Second option is to apply for an immigrant visa somewhere in the first world countries and settle there for good.

I choose the latter.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

october feast...

it's october feast once again.

october feast...

it's october feast once again.