Tuesday, November 18, 2008

luneta dance craze...

complete with pink outfit and shoes with matching pink belt, she was all agog dancing to madonna's "like a virgin" in the middle of rizal park. somewhere near is a mentally challenged lady dancing to the beat also. she was running all over the whole place during the whole time. at the end of the day when we went home, we were darkened a little bit by the scorching luneta sun. good thing that later that afternoon, rain came in. we had our lunch at the chinese garden where there were small tables for picnic goers. there were even some geese, cats and duck inside the garden which made the day a lot more fun for ava. later that afternoon, she slept in her mommy's lap due to fatigue. we just waited for her to wake up. while doing that, we gulped all the food we had for the day. we had tuna sandwich, potato salad and pansit. we went home past five in the afternoon all worn out.

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