Thursday, January 29, 2009

Economic Recession and Therapy...

hey, how about writing on some serious stuff? such a challenging task early in the morning. and so, i made an addendum which is "Therapy" (the book i recently read) so that i could write a little longer. with the serious stuff i think there is little for me to talk about.

back to the serious stuff. it was not until recently that i joined the joint annual compliance monitoring of Engineering Section that i am able to grasp the extent of the economic recession. conversation with PCO's and Facilities Head during the inspection revealed that the recession is affecting all of them BIG TIME. Big time in the sense that a lot of companies have closed down, others have slashed manpower up to 7k. while others have reduced the number of working days and the number of shift, there is an estimated 200k jobs to be lost because of this recession. imagine the ripple effect of this situation in almost all dealings in and out of the country. i am but saddenned to those who have families to feed. then i come to think that somehow i am still blessed by the Lord for giving me and my wife a stable job. though the pay is relatively small, there is no room to complain but to thank the Lord for whatever there is we have right now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

26th of january...

the month will almost pass uneventful.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

model perfect pose...

of course i have to post this picture....:):):)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year Ender Pictures...

and so, before the year capped off, we had to pose for our year ender family picture. the color code for this year is yes, purple. it's the in thing for the color wheel and mabel had been contemplating for it the whole time. in fact we almost spent the whole day trying to look for that damn purple dress. i have no problem though since i already had one long sleeve way back then. well, aside from the fact that i am trying to save a dime or two. we also bought a new purple dress for ava.

ava was so eager to have a bite of the chocolate cake and so we ended up not having a serious family picture (well i think we could not really have one since the boisterous tiger would never sit still for a single moment and look at the lens of the camera).

here are some of our pix...

Monday, January 05, 2009

it's 2009...

then suddenly, it's 2009.

first thing first, i promised to myself that i am not and will never be doing the traditional "resolution" thing. but with the fresh start of the year, anybody cant help but think (unintentionally i swear) of things that you want to change or look forward for the year. and so much so that i would not fall into thinking that i am doing the resolution, i will rename it to something else. how about "start of the year plan'? hmmm...too downright obvious. lemme try, "perspective making"...too formal. let's try "top ten things i want to do for the year ahead". hmmm, somewhat chico/delamarish eh. but, i guess it is somehow practical. with it, i maybe able to asses if at the end of the year i am able to achieve the top ten things i want to accomplish for the year.

let's start off...

1. Get Married. this has been long overdue. we're supposed to get married through civil rites before the year ended but it did not push through at all. i was able to secure the marriage license i think before middle of december last year and for all we know, the year just slipped on without having our date with the judge. and since the license is only valid for 90 days, i presume this item will be fulfilled on the first quarter of the year. "just married"....:):):) wink, wink, wink...

2. Write Blog More Often. For the longest time, it has been my struggle to write constantly.

3. Read A Good Book Every Month. Especially the one in Booksale "Fix Your Home". It costs a lot but i think it is more than useful.

4. Lodge Our Application for Immigration to New Zealand.

5. Re-enroll In My Masters Program.

6. Open A Small Business.

7. Go To Church Every Week.

8. Have a Positive Outlook Always.

9. Go Home for the High School Homecoming.

10. Take a vacation somewhere in the country.

Not so much i suppose. I think i just enumerated things that are so simple and attainable with my meager salary and domesticated life.