Thursday, January 29, 2009

Economic Recession and Therapy...

hey, how about writing on some serious stuff? such a challenging task early in the morning. and so, i made an addendum which is "Therapy" (the book i recently read) so that i could write a little longer. with the serious stuff i think there is little for me to talk about.

back to the serious stuff. it was not until recently that i joined the joint annual compliance monitoring of Engineering Section that i am able to grasp the extent of the economic recession. conversation with PCO's and Facilities Head during the inspection revealed that the recession is affecting all of them BIG TIME. Big time in the sense that a lot of companies have closed down, others have slashed manpower up to 7k. while others have reduced the number of working days and the number of shift, there is an estimated 200k jobs to be lost because of this recession. imagine the ripple effect of this situation in almost all dealings in and out of the country. i am but saddenned to those who have families to feed. then i come to think that somehow i am still blessed by the Lord for giving me and my wife a stable job. though the pay is relatively small, there is no room to complain but to thank the Lord for whatever there is we have right now.

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