Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dax Is Starting to Talk...

Yep. She has started talking a day or two perhaps. Yesterday when I got home from the Office, she was babbling "bababa" and "papapa" and sounds to that effect. Tomorrow, she will turn five months old.
While I would always brag to her Mom that she can say the word "papa" and not "mama' for the longest time now it is the smile of Dax that never fails to amaze and brings happiness to me.
It never fails that she will return the smile always and I would just melt everytime she gives me that million dollar smile.
Lately though I think she lost some weight due to lack of sleep. Her Ate Bob usually makes a lot of noise that's why she sleeps like a chicken they say. Eyebags have been forming at the lower portion of her eyes and she would give you that droopy look. Last weekend, they visited her pediatrician and she was given new sets of vitamins. I told her p.a. to switch on the aircon during afternoon siesta so that she could get a good sleep. Good thing that for the last two days, she could sleep an hour or two in the morning as well as in the afternoon as well. I hope that she would get back her previous weight.

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