Friday, January 22, 2010

Roll Over Baby...

As the days passed by, dax is continually turning and transforming to become a swan. When she was a week old, she was a picture of a crumpled little human being. She had like a crow's feet all over her body and it seemed that she has not eaten the entire time she was inside her Mom's womb. Nonetheless, I was very ecstatic and was smiling way too over for a new daddy. Well, the fact that I wasnt able to see Bob when she was whisked out of the delivery room somehow compensates the feeling. That very moment, how I wish I was with someone to share my happiness.
Then after some time, she gained weight, started to cry and learned how to roll over. I was not there to see her first roll over but I was able to captured the second one. She was a little bit chubby this time maybe this was three months after. I cropped the picture so I could not remember the date anymore.
She already shed off that dead skin and has been sporting her new fair and flawless skin. Yes, fair skin unlike mine and Bob's. She still has the white spot just below her nose though. Her Mom and her assistant has been consistently pricking it from time to time but it keeps on coming back. Replenishing once the white pus looking thing is extracted. She would normally go to sleep after the pricking session and they are worried it is affecting her. So, for a while until now I think they stopped pricking it. Everytime she gives me a very sincere smile when I go home from the Office the white spot would show. It's like a glow in the dark according to her Mom.

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