Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome Back...

2010 will be different for me I know. Looking back to the year that has just folded, I have more than enough to be thankful for. There's Dax and there's Yga. Not to mention Bob who day by day amazes me and never stop to entertain me.

The year that passed saw a lot of things and milestones in my life. What compensates I guess for the lost time in the blogosphere is the fact that every free time has been a quality time with my family. Now, I am trying to justify why for the longest time I failed to visit my blog which I used to do.

For some reasons, the moment I'm itching to write anyting, it would dawn on me that I am not in a bad mood or I am not lonely at all then why should I write. It's terribly wrong. I guess it is because for the longest time also I have programmed my mind that I can write well only if I am depressed or I am in a situation where I cannot talk to others about it.

This year, I'm proving it to myself that lonely, happy or what ever feelings I'm into, I will write in my blog and post some pictures.

Well, I admit that the year that passed deserved a written word. Especially since a lot of milestones happened.
Dax was born at 1:16 PM on August 27, 2009 at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. The first time I saw her I was ecstatic and could not contain the happiness. I texted all of my close friends telling them that I have a new baby. She was covered with white subtances and very frail looking and her skin are crumpled like that of a paper. I was a bit worried too because of the white spot just below her nose.
I have to go.

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