Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dax Turns 3...

Yesterday was a milestone. Dax turned three years old and getting prettier and prettier each day. She was so happy days before her birthday because of primarily her cake which she was a part of when we ordered it. Secondly, it was her first real birthday party since her last two birthdays were spent when she has no inkling what's happening all around her. And while we did not invite a single person for her birthday, I decided to splurge a little more this time just for the heck of it. And so she the house was transformed into a party house. We decorated it with balloons and a Dora inspired banner with her name on it. Although she cant read, she knows her name when she sees one. Oh well, she can recognize two letter words as of late. Since she has no friends from our neighbors and no classmates to invite because she doesnt go to school yet, Ate Bob invited her classmate which happens to live three houses away from us. Talk about convenience. And so Dax has a visitor (oh well visitors because her classmate Claire brought along her mom, her tita and her sister). Which is a good thing because there were a lot of food. One and only visitor. Oh well not one because I invited my brother and her family anyway. And since she has one visitor, she got a gift too. Good thing we were able to buy another gift to her at the insistence of Ate Bob a day before the reason why she got two. Which by the way ended up with Ate Bob and her friend playing with the gift after they opened it.

Here's a snapshot of Baby Dax with her birthday cake.

All in all, she enjoyed it. After we call it a night, I asked Baby Dax if she enjoyed her party and the answer was a resounding yes. She even said it was her best party ever. Hahaha. Not bad for a 3 year old eh.

So what was the food, here's the picture minus the tacos and vanilla ice cream because it wasnt done yet when I took the picture.

And here's the picture of Baby Dax visitors. Ate Bob, Claire, Frances and Baby Dax.

The birthday girl with Ate Bob.

Happy kids make happy parents. To Baby Dax, Papa and Mama love you now and beyond. You make us smile and you give us comfort all the time. It never fails. If I could only bring you along in my work I will do it just to know that you are safe all the time.

Til your next birthday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Liners: Virtue

Yesterday, while we were discussing the gift to be given to to baby Dax for her birthday. I emphasized the need to keep quiet to dax and not spill anything about it so that it will come as a surprise.

Bob : Yes Papa, I will not tell a single thing so that Baby Dax will be surprised.
Me: Good.
Bob : Because patience is a virtue.
Me: What?
Bob: Patience is a virtue papa?
Me: Where did you learn that?
Bob: Ah, what is virtue papa.
Me: let's drop the matter Bob. I dunno how to explain it.

Friday, August 24, 2012

One Liners: One Moment Please

Lying on the bed before bedtime while the lights are off.

Me: Bob, aside from you who is smart in class? Who answers all the questions of Teacher? Who volunteers? And so on and so forth without giving her a chance to say something until I harassed her with gun-like-popping questions.

Bob: Papa could you give me a moment to think about it?

Okay, you can have it. :) After a minute or two of waiting, I found out she's sound asleep.

One Liners: Garlic

Passing by Roxas Blvd one time along Baclaran Area, you can see a single mosque amidst a grassy land in the reclaimed area.

Bob: Look Papa, a super super big garlic (referring to the dome of the mosque).

Garlic it is!

One Liners: Romantic

In Manila Zoo one weekend, i snapped a picture of Bob talking with a boy a little taller than her. When we got home, I showed her the picture and teased her about it.

Me: Bob, I didnt know that you have a boyfriend already.
Without batting and eyelash and with a scornful look
Bob: Of course I am not talking romantically to him.

Now, I rest my case.

One Liners: Center Bolt

Overheard one time from my girls. Wifey was caressing Toby's testicles (our 1 yearl old shit tzu puppy).

Baby Dax: Mama your holding Toby's poop (because it looks like one).
Mama: No anak, it's Toby's eggs.
Ate Bob: Mama, that's not Toby's egg. It's Toby's center bolt.

Now, center bolt it is.

One Liners: Dustbin

Wandering in Manila Zoo last weekend, i let my 5 year old Ava do some little discovery for herself by keeping an eye on her without her knowledge. after like more than 15 minutes of following her, i finally showed up smiling. 

Then she said with a grin, "oh papa there you are, i've been looking for you all over. I thought you are inside that DUST BIN (pointing at the big dust bin nearby)..."

One Liners: Chestnuts

Christmas is associated with a lot of symbols. From mistletoe to Santa Claus have dominated the TV and the malls as well. Bob on her usual inquisitive nature asked me one time.

Bob: Papa apple pies are made from apples.
Me: Yes.
Bob: How about chestnuts? Is it made from chest of humans? That's why it's called one?

Oh well. Maybe.

One Liners: Countdown

Just before Christmas of last year, there are a lot of countdowns that happen just anywhere. One time, Bob did her own version of countdown.

Bob: 10, 9, 8, 7
Me: Bob, why are you counting down?
Bob: 6, 5 battery running out,pffttt...

No more batteries. Countdown terminated.

One Liners: Poop

Going home from school one time.

Bob: Papa we watched a movie today!
Me: Where?
Bob: In our classroom.
Me: Really? What's it about?
Bob: (With big eyes wide open) I saw a mama carabao papa and it pooped a baby carabao!

Poop is the word and poop it is!