Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MIBF 2012...

It's Ate Bob's 2nd year this time in Manila International Book Fair. This time, Grammy tagged along as she was in town just for the weekend to take a peek at her newest grandchild courtesy of my older brother. Last year though, we were able to grab the opportunity of listening live to Tito Jun's of Lampara Books. When we got there last saturday, there was no story telling session but there was a Bible Quiz Bee.

Since Ate Bob loves reading books, we almost spent the whole afternoon hopping from one booth to another. I think we could even spend the whole day there if not for grandma looking tired and all.

Her love affair with books started when she was two years old. I remember before she turned 2, she can already read the alphabet and can read road signs. The condo where we live before was still on construction phase and had safety signs all over place and then one time she just keep on reading the signs, "No ID No Entry" "No boots, No hat, No Job". At first I could not believe that she can manage to read those thinking that her yaya might have mentioned it to her. And so when we got home I got a piece of paper and started writing simple words and voila indeed my 2 year old can read. Just like Jose Rizal my neighbors used to say.

When she started school, she was exempted in the screening as we told the pre-school coordinator that she can already read not just single words but sentences complete with feelings. And so they were amazed when they let her read books used for higher grades. Ever since she started to read, our house has become like a library. My wife being a librarian perhaps have something to do with her being a bookworm.

Trips to grocery store near our house is never complete without stopping in the National Bookstore nearby. Actually, I have to thank them through this years that they let my 2 year old up until now read there for free. In fact up until today, they still know Ate Bob like she was a regular fixture in NB. Manang and Manang Guards know her by her first name. I remember when one of the NB staff would gather all the rest of NB employees around her and listen to her read stories to them.

Of course some credit would go to her yaya since up to this very day, it has been a habit and it never fails that before she go to sleep, they would read together. It is her sleeping pill I guess. Not a single day passes that she is reading her book. Sometimes, some books are re-read all over again maybe 3 to 5 times more when she ran out of new ones.

While it has created a dent on my pocket over the years as anywhere we go when there is a bookstore we have to grab one book or two. Somehow, I think it is worth it because she has wider vocabulary than her counterpart. Today, she is not just reading childrens book for pre school but reads adult book as well. I would buy her books that has no pictures in it and she would read it in just one sitting. Today, she reads better than a grade 6 pupil. Accuracy and comprehension wise she has the facility of maybe a 1st year high school student.

I guess I have to prepare more bucks to finance her hobby but who cares. For as long as she stays glued in her book and would not grab the TV remote from me is just perfectly fine.


Archieviner said...

huwaw nakakahanga naman si ate bob. 2 years old palang books na ang nilalaro nya... Mana siguro yan sa daddy... hehe

Overthinker Palaboy said...

haha. totoo. magastos yan. pero worth it mag invest sa anak. at sa libro :)

mr.nightcrawler said...

very good investment ang books. buti nalang po todo support kayo. Napatingin ako sa archive.. wow! Isa na kayong alamat sa blogging community. Congrats. :)

tHirDy... said...

@archie, mana sa nanay nya. :)
@overthinker, magastos nga pero buti na lang madaming booksale na shop
@mr. nightcrawler, hahaha. thanks. i started in 2004 and for quite a while sabaw din. pero back on track ulet. :)

Pink Line said...

wow..what a bright little girl you have.. bihirang bihira ang ganyan sa mga bata..natanong mo na ba sya kung anung gusto nya maging paglaki?..hmmmm i wonder

first time here :)

ralph said...

that's really amazing, your 2 year old can read already... my son is already 4 and he barely can read... but i'm in no hurry... i know he'll catch up. hahaha. Yahweh bless.