Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Liners : McDo

The girls getting ready for sunday school.

On the way home after their sunday school class, our 3 year old Baby Dax saw a sign of Chickboy along the road. Then she goes, "Look mama, Mcdo. Mcdo. Mcdo" . And so Ate Bob corrected her saying, "Baby Dax, it's not Mcdo, It's Chickboy". But Baby Dax would not give in and kept on saying it's Mcdo. Then Ate Bob blurted out in a bitchy way complete with eyebrows raised, "That's what you get when you dont know how to read" and ignored Baby Dax after that.

Masungit si Ate Bob. :)

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Archieviner said...

Ang cute ni baby dax... hehe kahit hindi ko pa nakikita