Monday, September 03, 2012

Stage Daddy Compilations: Senior Casa

Bob's Senior Casa days were a bit more interesting and was a real test on my being a stage daddy. At the end of the year, Bob gathered 7 medals (i think, i cant remember) in all and 2 ribbons. All of it were gold except for 1 bronze. She got the bronze medal when she represented her school in the Paranaque-wide Singing Competition. Yep. You heard it right, my 4 year old is a singer. lols. After her Junior Casa stint where she was not able to sing a single line, I told Teacher Apple (her Senior Casa teacher) that if ever there is a singing competition, Bob should join as she is good in singing. lols. That's the stage daddy in me again during her 1st day of school. I see to it that I am there present in her first day of school.

A little bigger now. Bob on her 1st day of school in Senior Casa.

And so during this time, she joined. And I was there. She belted out "Alone" by Heart which we have been practicing ever since she started singing. Which means that when she was 2 years old. She took the grand prize with a score of 93% and the 2nd place getting just 83%. lols. Im super mayabang. Hahaha.

Here's here winning piece "Alone" by Heart.

From there, we were told that she will represent her school in PSAP (Pre School Association of Paranaque) 2012 Literary and Cultural Contest. Oh, well, my Bob has to measure up. And so we enrolled her in Center for Pop as the competition will be 2 months away. Stage daddy as I am, I would religiously accompany her to the singing school lessons every Wednesday and Saturday. lols.

With Coach Maru

The PSAP contest day wasnt on our side. She had fever 2 days before and even during the competition. Just minutes before her performance she was throwing up. Not because she is shy or scared (I think when you are 4 year old you dont have this yet) but because she was sick. I just prayed to God that she will not faint in the middle of her performance as she did not eat anything during the competition. Good thing she was able to pull it through quite splendidly. Out of 16 contestants from different pre school, she place 3rd. Not bad after all since her opponents were 5 and 6 year olds with mature voices. The 1st and 2nd placers were way too good too. hahaha. We were not able to finish our session in Center for Pop though.

Here's her winning piece entitled "Small Voice" by Lea Salonga

She was supposed to do declamation too for the PSAP but I begged off from Teacher Apple as she might be pressured in joining 2 contests in the same day. Her school made a banner/tarp for the winners though. 

Posterity pose with her first ever tarpaulin.

Come graduation day, I am the ever proud daddy again. We had a dress made for her (just like what we did too during her singing competition) with matching bracelet. We figure out that it should be her signature everytime she sings (dress should match the bracelet). Being the 1st Honor again and Best in reading among others, the graduation program was spent by the stage daddy going back and forth in the stage. lols. The emcee might have gotten used to mentioning my name perhaps saying not again. lols.

With Dax.

One big happy family.

The stage dad with the Superstar.

Since she brought honor to her school, she was made to sing during the graduation day. She sang "Thank You" while all the students were giving out flowers to their parents. She also led the pambansang awit in the opening program. lols to this because she cant memorize the pambansang awit. 

Next blog will be on her Advance Casa days which she is into right now.


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