Monday, September 03, 2012

Stage Daddy Compilations...Junior Casa

I have come to realize even before that I only write blogs when I am depressed. And that during those days that I am happy and contented, there would never be a single line from me. But on the sides, it is quite true after looking at my previous posts way back 2004. Wow, I have been in the blogging world since 2004. I must be this old. Hahaha. Anyway, I noticed that during my contented and happy days, I will just drop a line or two and there is no update on what happened. But on days when I am depressed, I sort of write longer and detailed at that. Not that I am depressed this time the reason why I am writing quite a lot lately. I think I am just trying to catch up with my happy days. Stage Daddy days that is.

When Bob started going to school when was 3 years old, that was the time I guess that I became officially a stage dad. I was a picture of a super proud daddy then (oh well, until this time). The reason why the daddy is super proud of her little girl is that she was exempted in taking the entrance and interview after they learned that Bob could read complex sentences even without pictures when we brought her to her school. Of course it was just a breeze for her because she started reading before she turned 2 years old. Yes. before she turned 2 she can read already. When she was 1 year old and 6 mos, she can recognize letters and numbers. Before she turned 2, she can read signs wherever we go.

And so during her Junir Casa (that prep in normal school), she joined her first contest during the Nutrition Month in Pagbigkas ng Tula which she won 2nd only. I was devastated (hahaha. For a stage daddy this is not acceptable) because I expect too much from my little girl. Well, with some reservations also because the poem was in Filipino. From that time on, I swore that my little girl will not be a 2nd placer. I was kinda thinking that the school contests is a battle of parents. If my little girl will not win in the contest I figure out that the one who wins have a smarter daddy than me. Now that is so depressing to know that there are smarter ones than me (hahaha). I am a competitive daddy I admit. :)

That's the stage daddy and Bob during her first day of school in Junior Casa (she was 3 years old and 3 mos to be exact).

First Day of School.

Class Picture with Teacher Christel Galdones

During her graduation, it was a memorable day for all of us because she was the 1st Honors. Proud daddy again as this time i beat the other parents. lols. Added to that she took home the Best in Reading Award (of course, otherwise I will file a TRO in Supreme Court if they wont do that). lols. I invited my Mom to come over during her graduation. Here are some of the pictures.

This is her graduation picture. 

Graduation march.

3 Medals (1st Honor, 1st Place in Declamation and 2nd Place in Pagbigkas ng Tula) and 2 Ribbons (Best in Reading and Most Obedient).

With Lola Pangs, My wife and Baby Dax.

And with the proud Stage Daddy. lol.

That wraps up Bob's school achievement for her Junior Casa Days. Next blog will be for her Senior Casa Days.

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