Monday, September 03, 2012

The Search for Toby...

I was terrified and somehow scared at first when one of my househelps informed me that a burglar paid a visit to our house in the wee hours of August 30, 2012. I could figure out myself sitting on the sofa turning pale white all over upon learning that the burglars took Toby away together with his cage. Then, hatred seeped in like I was boiling inside my very core. I hate and despise the fact that there are poor people who would resort to stealing someone else's property. And I was fuming mad that our househelp forgot to lock the gate. Much more, forgot to close the main door and just even put on the hook of the screen door. With the present times we are in, we could not be too complacent with our safety. Good thing the burglar did not attempt to go inside the house and just took Toby away. Just Toby. That really hurts. It was Toby they took. The Toby we love like he was our youngest. It hurts so much when they took him. Really. It's like my first heartbreak feeling all over me again. It was heavy in the chest. Not so much when I saw Bob shed a tear for Toby that it ripped me apart.

Toby was our birthday present to Bob when she turned 5 years old last year (March 4, 2012). He was a cute and adorable shih tzu puppy when we got him and turned our entire household into a happy circus day in and day out. Bob and Dax were a picture--perfect moment when they set eyes on Toby that day. Talk about kids chasing bubbles in the air or butterflies in the garden. It was kinda like that.

For the whole year, Toby delighted us. Made us happy. Accompanied us wherever we go. To the park. To the mall. To the jogging path. To the church. Anywhere.

The night before he was stolen, Bob played with him inside the house and I could still remember the look in his eyes. It was kind of a begging look. Maybe it was a sign that he will be taken the following day. My wife has been contemplating a week before to put him inside the house during night time because of some mosquito bites. But that did not happen because for two straight weeks I have been suffering from asthma attacks due to allergy to his fur. The reason was three weeks before that, I gave him a cool hair cut and for some reason got through me and my asthma attacks have been frequent as of late.

Realization hit me so hard that night when Bob said her nightly prayers. That night, she recited her usual prayer and added to please make Toby go back or at least we can find him. That afternoon, we ventured out and went home past 7 after looking to no avail. In her prayer she hoped that the burglars will realize how bad they are and that he misses Toby a lot. After her prayer, she cried and cried. I hushed her to sleep and told her that we'll get a new one if we cant find Toby. I told her that every day after my office we will go looking for Toby and that I will make a sign and post it all over the village and in the streets nearby. Then she went to sleep but occasionally throughout the night she had bouts of waking up and she would cry. And so i vowed that we will search to Toby no matter what.

I made a colored sign the day after and that afternoon together with Baby Dax we ventured out and continue the search for Toby. We posted the signs anywhere. Asked a bunch of security guards who might have seen the burglars with Toby and his cage. We visited the nearby villages, markets and esquinitas. We went to the barangay hall for blotter and provided them with pix. We went to pet shops and vet clinics. My wife even talked with her banana and pirated DVD vendors in the market. All to no avail. It has been like more than 5 days and still we havent find Toby. Each day my hope of finding him dwindles but Bob is always insistent of finding Toby. And so the search for Toby continues everyday. We visit parks and houses and peeks at all the gates with the hopes that Toby is somewhere there.

Last weekend, it was spent looking for Toby. My wife together with my kids has to attend Sunday school so I ventured alone and my househelps in different directions armed with Toby's sign. Still, no signs of Toby.

Every night, Bob still prays for Toby. In my mind, I just wish that the burglars sold Toby to someone who can feed him well with bananas and bread aside from dog food. Someone who can take care of him religiously. Someone who will remove his tick and flea everyday. Someone who will pat him everyday just like what Bob and Dax do to him. Someone who will give him a bath like a real baby. And someone who will just LOVE him the way we did.

Wherever you are Toby, we wish you well and we LOVE you so much! Remember that we will never STOP looking for you. Just like what Bob says the whole time, we should never give up on you because you are part of the family.


Overthinker Palaboy said...

oh no. :(

sa isang banda, buti safe kayo mag anak.

tHirDy... said...

un siguro trade off naisip ko lang. :) ngayon, ung kandado ng gate namin 3 na. hahaha.