Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Search for Toby:Update

The search for our Toby goes on. Yesterday, we finished early and was at home past 2 in the afternoon. Just had some rest and me, Dax and Bob ventured out to look for Toby.

This time we visited other villages and some pet shops. All to no avail. I am losing hope but Bob never gives up. Yesterday she was so persistent on walking some more even if her sweat are dripping on her cheeks and her shirt is wet all over. Hayz, if I only have super powers. We went home past 7 again last night feeling tired and empty.


Overthinker Palaboy said...

i had to backread to get the context of this post.

anyway, i feel sad for your daughter. mukhang malaki ang attachment niyong pamilya kay toby.

tHirDy... said...

thanks man. yep. mejo napamahal na si toby sa amin.