Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ghost and Bloom..

It's halloween time. For the longest time also, Ate Bob has been  planning her outfit for this year. She was adamant that she wanted to become a ghost and that she will scare her all her classmates (at least that was what she was thinking). Although I wanted her to become a witch as it is easier to find an outfit in the mall. But she was insistent. And the problem is it is difficult to find a ghost costume. It pays to have an in house dressmaker though. The night before the party, wifey just bought 2 yards of cheap white cloth and hours before the party, Tita net was tapping and kicking her sewing machine to finish Ate Bob's Dress. Our little duckling on the other hand has a mind of her own too. She wants to be a fairy. Well, we just bought wings for her as there was plenty of fairy dresses in her Ate's closet.

And guess what, she won in the costume contest! How did that happen? When I asked wifey why (I did not attend as I was on official travel in Tarlac), she told me that everyone in the party were wearing witches and dracula costume and she was the only one wearing one. Oh well, we had a sumptuous lunch courtesy of Jolibee's GC (bucket of chicken, spag, fries and floats) as her prize for winning the costume contest.

Ate Bob receiving her GC's from Jolibee for the best in costume.

Our Baby Duckling Fairy trying to scare the ghost in her Korean pose.

Happy long weekend everyone!



congrats sa knya!

Archieviner said...

Congrats ate bob :)

ZaiZai said...

cute! she deserved to win :)