Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Long Overdue Tribute To My Friends...

Before I entered into another level in my life's journey, my friends were my constant companion during my single days life come high or hell waters. They have been my pillar of strength when I was down in the murky waters and at the same time were with me when I was brimming with pride during those addictive highs in my journey. And so, I am making this tribute to them as I have not been constantly on their side when they need me most as I am pre occupied with my kids. I know in my heart that even though we dont get to meet and talk most of the time, the bond that has held us tight during the tumultous times of our lives will forever be etched in our hearts and minds.

Cheers to a long lasting friendship from infinity and beyond Here they are in their recent facebook profile pictures.

Bvhoy and Shy - these two are the closest to me. Probably because we somehow experienced life's blows almost at the same time. And so we spent most of the time together prior to days when we had our own separate lives. Talk about having a partner and all that changes. Which means that during that time, the three of us were single and virtually has all the time in our lives to sleep together, eat together, drink together, travel together and just about anything under the sun. We were inseparable then. Well, except of course during day time when we have to work in our respective offices. But other than that, when the sun sets at Roxas Blvd, we were on each others back. Bvhoy currently is now with Ann (our good friend as well with good singing voice and eventually become the godmom of Baby Dax). They just opened up their first business venture together in 5th Avenue called hotdogs and buko something. On the other hand, Shy is super duper happy in Chicago with her one and only love Jegjeg.


 Shy with her current FB profile pic and with peanut in her timeline pic.

Bvhoy with his current FB profile pic and  with Anne in his timeline pic.

Tisoy - I could not find a decent picture as this black thingy doesnt have a facebook account. Nonetheless, Tisoy never fails to amaze me with his kitchen skills. And so I love him when he is in the house we are surely in for a great treat. Tisoy has this alarming looks not because of his color but because of his eyes. He means what he says so dont mess with him. A person with firm beliefs and principle. He is now happily married to Lora which eventually became my officemate. They are blessed with two pretty lovely daughters too.

no photo :)

Shine - she is my female version. the most hopeless romantic of all and has the angelic voice. dont let her start talking or you'll end up falling in love with her that's what she says to first timers. which is true because she gets what she wants during first dates. nevertheless, i see this lady fall in and out of love and she can be the most lovable and caring of all. She is back in her hometown in Masbate working as a teacher and a part time dj and doing some humanitarian works on the side. I am proud of her for taking the route and spending more of her time to her daughter Patricia. As to her love life, she is the female version of Lester I lost track of her too.

Shine in her current FB profile pic and with Patricia in timeline pic
Gina - I should say the most opinionated and assertive of all my friends but on the other hand the most weakest when it comes to love life. This means that although you can see her in her m ost ferocious attitude, you can also see her in her most disheveled state of mind and body. She is now (not) happily married to our friend Milner and they are blessed with the super cutie Sofie.

Gina in her current FB pic and with Sofie in her timeline pic (where's milner?lols)
Lester - the John Prats in the group according to him. Every gathering, he brings in different kind of girls. Pretty ones, chubby ones, dark ones, tall ones, name it he's got it. I dunno what is with this guy when in fact we call him tweety bird for his height and you know what else. lols. But the most kind and so amiable amongst the group. Dont mention about lates and not showing up though he tops the list.  Lester is now connected with a multi national company as an IT specialist and I lost track of who he's hooking up with.

Lester in his current FB profile and timeline pic (no girls this time. lols)
Arnie and DJ - the two stooges I used to call them. Although these two are inseparable and has sometimes a life of their own apart from our drinking spree they have become my constant buddies too. Arnie is now happily married to May and they are blessed with two cute sons, Argylle and Aethan. DJ on the other hand is missing as of press time. He's got two sons too, David and Daniel from her estranged wife Karen . The last time I know, Leng was his GF. Wherever he is right now, I wish him well.

Arnie in his current FB profile pic and with Mae and Aethan in his timeline pic.

Madie, Nhet and Janice - these girls have been a big part of my life too. Madie is happy with Pao this time and I think will get married soon. Nhet is currently working at a call center. I thought she'll end up as a doctor and Janice according to her FB status is working in Pandi LGU. I think she is also reviewing for the Bar exams.

Madie with Pao.

Janice and Janice Associates


Pretty Nhet Nhet.

Whatever path they took and wherever they are right now, at the bottom of my heart, I wanna say thanks for spending your precious time with me. Until we meet again buddies.


Archieviner said...

Ang sarap talaga nang may mga kaibigan.Cheers! namiss ko tuloy mga friends ko. Kamusta na kaya sila?

ZaiZai said...

Cheers to your wonderful friends! True friends are really hard to find, it's great you found as many as them :)

tHirDy... said...

@archie, thanks man. hey get well soon. mahirap jan magkasakit sa malayong lugar.
@zai, yep. true friends are hard to find.

Archieviner said...

Salamat ser :) Medyo ayos nako :)