Thursday, October 11, 2012

Most Thoughtful Girl..

I meet a lot of people in my everyday journey and it never ceases to amaze me that each one has a unique trait from the other. In all of these, one person stands out not because she is pretty, super amiable and very likeable but because she is super thoughtful. Now my entry is aptly entitled most thoughtful girl because of her. And I have to write something about her even though she will not be able to see this (oh well, nobody in my office or my friends nor my relatives know that I am into blogging ages ago).

Although we were from the same school in college, I was way older that her and so we did not bumped on the hallowed grounds of the campus. But I know her older sisters (now, I am old I guess. lols). It was only here in my present work that I was able to meet her and we exchanged pleasantries that I know her older siblings including her Mom as our college secretary way before (I am not gonna spill my student number :).

Through the years that I come to know her, she has never failed to amaze me as she always exudes that positive smile and bubbly personality. You would occasionally bump into her in all the floors in the building and people will gather around her and have a good laugh. Not that she is comical but just sheer goody-goody laugh as she has this infectious smile. I betcha she knows all the people in every floor of the building including the manung guards and cleaning utilities.

During birthdays of our office mates, you would also see her giving out small tokens and gifts with a smile on her face. And thus, in every floor every time there's is a birthday, she would be invited all the time. A thing which seldom happens to others including me. She has magic I guess with people maybe because she is an ilongga and has this propensity to be friendly by way of how she talks and makes gestures. Even in baptismals and birthdays of my officemates family, you would see her picture there as she is always invited to become ninang. thus, come mondays, her facebook account would be tagged by others with pictures of her gracing social events. :)

A frequent flyer too, she would always go home to her hometown in iloilo and it never fails that everytime she's back you will know it because she has native food brought with her. and the pantry will be full of happy people eating sweets from iloilo.

In a short span of time that she was here maybe more than two years or more, I myself have received countless gifts from her. She is really cool and giving even though I am not able to return the favor once.

To Ysa the most thoughtful girl I've met, I wish to the Lord to grant you more happiness in the same way that you make other people happy and light and care free and more. I also wish you lots of luck in your next endeavor in life as a teacher. I know that you will inspire more people with your wits and of course your positive attitude in life.

One last thing, I hope you find the man of your life too. Cheers!

Ysa on the left and Ninang Mich on the right


Overthinker Palaboy said...

people-person si miss ysa :) magaling makisama. ayos :) dagdag ganda points yun sa kanya.

Archieviner said...

Good luck kay Ms. Ysa at sana makahanap na nga sya ng partner nya. Maganda ang pagkakasulat mo. Yung una kala ko wife mo ang tinutukoy mo :)

joanne said...

Ang sweet naman ng post na to! Gudluck kay Ysa, hope she does find the guy worthy of her..

Pink Line said...

kaya pala sweet kasi ilongga si Ysa.. goodluck samen ni Ysa sana makahap na kami ng partner namen..haha sinama ko talaga sarili ko :)

tHirDy... said...

@overthinker. yep she is.
@archie, ligawan mo na si ysa. hehehe.
@joanne, thanks for dropping by.
@pink, good luck din sayo. bilisan mo maghanap. hehehe.