Tuesday, October 02, 2012

One Liner: New Daddy

Baby dax is in her usual self again. While I was doing some research for a study I am doing she wanted to grab the mouse from me and said she wanted to play with the PC. Of course I did not give in to her request as I have deadlines to beat. And so she was super mad and and was crying profusely. That's her when she's mad. Then she went out for the room and shouted before reaching the door.

"I hate you" and added "I'm gonny buy a new daddy". And she went down in the ground floor crying some more.

Lol. Everything can be bought nowadays? lols.


Archieviner said...

Hala ka sir.. marami yata syang pera at papalitan ka. Nakakatuwa sya :)

tHirDy... said...

@archie, lols. unga eh.

Mr. Tripster said...

She has to realize that even Paris Hilton will never be able to buy a father that suits her. Hahaha!

Kids. I'm not a father, but if she tells me that I think I'll be kind of hurt a bit. I wouldn't be able to stand that thing.

Kaya siguro minsan laging spoiled sa akin ang mga pamangkin ko. Something that I should not continue doing. It's just that sometimes I hate the thought of them hating me. i want to be loved by these kids.

I know it's wrong. Nako, how will I ever be a good father! hahaha!

Anyway, your daughter's really cute.

tHirDy... said...

@mr. tripster, thanks for dropping by. :)