Monday, October 15, 2012

One Liner: New P.A.

It was an emotionally draining day for the kids over the weekend because Ate Bob's p.a. for like five years decided to leave us (fired). She was uncontrollable and was crying profusely before she went to sleep  the other night while reminiscing her days with her yaya. But it was with Baby Dax that I was concerned the most because her crying was longer with her Ate Bob and complete with swollen eyes and running nose (it wasnt her yaya after all. she's got her own but I guess she's overly being symphatetic with her Ate Bob). After like more than 20 minutes of crying I hugged her and told her that Ate Bob's yaya is just on vacation. Here's what happened.

Baby Dax : Papa, can we buy a new Ate Bans (Bob's p.a) in Waltermart?
Ate Bob : (still crying), Baby Dax, dont you know that you cant buy Ates in waltermart. They're humans. Humans are not for sale! (and more crying).
Baby Dax : Please papa! (and cried some more).
Me: Okay, I'll buy a new one tomorrow.
Then she stopped crying.

Now, I got a big problem. lols. I cant bring back the yaya because I was the one who fired her. lols some more :)


Archieviner said...

Naku bro. Lagot ka sa mga girls mo pag di ka nakahanap. hehe

Pareng Jay said...

Ahaha ang kulit lang ni Baby Dax. Mahirap ng sitwasyon nga yan, pre. Pero wag kang mag-alala normal na daanan ng mga bata ang ganyang pagsubok. Good luck.

* Pareng Jay was here

Hi! I am LiLi! said...

Thank goodness I never had the same problem when my kids were younger. Mahal kasi sitter dito, kaya ako na lang. :D