Friday, November 23, 2012

Of Mcdo, Perfect Cone and Pili Nuts

Nakikini kinita ko na ang mangyayari sa bulsa ko pag nag opening ang langyang Mcdo sa tabi ng bahay namin. Sigurado ang aking mga supling ay hihirit na naman lagi ng Mcdo na fires, chicken, spag or burger. Pano ba naman, tatlong hakbang lang yata mula sa gate namin ay Mcdo na. Sana lang maganda exhaust nila para di mag amoy fried chicken mga nakasampay namin na damit dito sa garahe. Oo. ganyan sya kalapit. Di naman sa ayaw ko sya dun sa tabi namin pero tingin ko mas magastos kami pag dun sya katabi. Lalong lalo na si Baby Dax at naglulupasay pag hindi binigay ang gusto nya. Good luck sa akin nito. Sa kabilang banda, may dulot naman syang maganda. At least may mga nilagay silang poste sa tapat ng gate namin. This means, i can switch off the lights in the garage at iwas gastos na din. Tsaka iwas masasamang loob na din don sa kalsada kse hindi na madilim.

Sa kabilang banda, medyo excited ng onti sa nalalapit na trip papuntang Bicol next week. Naka ukit na sa isipan ko na subukan ang sikat na wakeboarding nila dun. Mga ilang beses na din akong pumunta don pero kung ano anong adventure yung aming napuntahan at di man lang nasubukan ang ganitong gawain. This time, sisikapin ko na maisingit sya sa medyo hectic na sked ng byahe ko. Pili nuts here I come.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ocho Años Aniversarios y Compleños

Ewan ko kung tama ang aking Español. lols. But you guessed it right, it's my 8 year anniversary in the blogosphere. Wow sobrang tagal na pala. Ng tiningnan ko ung maiden post ko, it was November 12, 2004.  Madami dami na din ung nangyari sa akin. All through out my journey, masama man at masaya mga nangyari sa buhay ko, ang blog ang naging hingahan at kaagapay ko sa buhay. Kung baga naging saksi ng aking katangahan, kagaguhan, kabulastugan, kalandian na din, kasayahan, kalungkutan at kung ano ano pa. Sana umabot pa tong blog ko sa susunod na generation. lols.

At ngayong araw na eto ay kaarawan din ng aking pinagamagandang kabiyak ng buhay ko. Salamat sa dalawang dalaginding na binigay mo sa akin at naging kumpleto ang aking buhay. Mas naging masaya. Mas naging kuntento. Patuloy nating tahakin ang buhay kasama ng ating dalawang supling na may ngiti at saya.

And to borrow Ate Bob's endearment every night before we go to sleep, "Op Magadodo pagogo, lulu lala, kukurukuko" (I love you so much. Now and Forever!). Pag uwi ko mamya humanda ka (wink, wink :) Double celebration kaya double preparation din dapat  :)

Happy 8 Year Anniversary sa Daddy Cool at Happy Birthday Mama! (Eto picture natin sinama ko na sarili ko. lols. Baka makasuhan ako ng electioneering dito pang konsehal daw na pix. lols.)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ate Bob goes to The National Museum...

Finally, after such a long time of planning to visit the museum, we were able to drop by one mid afternoon en route to Divisoria. Located at the heart of Metro Manila, the old looking building at the back of Luneta Park and just across Manila City Hall stands majestic from the outside and even more grand in the inside with its vast collections.

Entrance fee P150.00 for oldies and P50.00 for students. I thought it was too expensive but it was worth it when you are done exploring the place. You should allocate your one whole day if you wanted to take a closer look at the display. Since I am not into those, I was kinda tired with the three hour trip I have with Ate Bob.

The one I appreciate the most is the super big painting of Juan Luna "Spolarium". I think it is the best showcase of NM as it is located right on the entrance door. It's super big the frame is from the floor up until the high ceiling.

Here are some of the pictures.

The view from the outside while Ate Bob tries to catch some city butterflies.

NM has two buildings. Each with 4 floors. You have to consult the directory so as to get to the destination of your choice.

The 1st and 2nd floors are solely dedicated to ship wreck finds. Quite spooky and eerie inside. You have to have a company when taking a look at the pieces

Ship wreck finds.

Plenty of jars in the ship wreck.

I dunno what are these but they look like ghost.

Part of NM's collection are these. Some are bones of whale shark (super duper big), and other mammals.

This one too.

And a lot of painting.

And more painting.

Ate Bob behind the glass with seeds of Mahogany (huh?)

And that's me. lols. I asked Ate Bob to take my picture and she zoomed it. Thus no background. lols.

There you have it. Next post will be about our visit to Bamboo Organ Church in Las Pinas.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Papa, does the road end?...

Weekend swimming at the clubhouse

The trip leading to sunday school over the weekend is just a quick one. Then out of the blue, Ate Bob asked me the question if the road end? We arrived in the church and still I have no answer for my five year old.

Soaked in mind-boggling realizations lately, I can't help but correlate Bob's question to the journey of life. The journey of life is a lot like the road. Some roads are rough, some are smooth and some bumpy and with potholes. Challenges and problems come along the way but you always continue to tread the path leading to somewhere. There are crossings along the way we need to choose which way to go. Sometimes, we take the wrong one but eventually we turn back and find the road that is best for us. At other times, there might be dead end but then we tend to go back from where we started and find another one. It is a never ending process of negotiating the roads we chose. Along the way, we commit mistakes but it is always nice to rise up to the challenge and continue with our journey.

The road I am taking with my girls maybe bumpy at times but I am making sure that they will take the right path. I just wish that in the future they may end up in the road that will bring them happiness. Whatever path they may choose, it's the journey along the way that matters. And if the journey and the trip are filled with happiness, then maybe it is the right road after all.

As a doting father to my girls, I realized that child rearing is really not about worldly things but about making each moment with them extra special. Teaching and making them happy with even the littlest thing there is. My only wish for my girls is that they grow up to be HAPPY PERSONS. It wouldn't hurt if they become doctors though. lols. And it wouldn't hurt some more if they become humanitarian doctors working for the United Nations (i have to encourage them some more regarding this. lols).

What about you, where does your road leads you?

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Remembering Dear Friends and Relatives...

Keeping the love alive!

Last night, me and the girls paid tribute to our dead relatives and friends. After some late night trip to nearby SM for some Liwanag candles, we lighted it in the garage in memory of our loved ones who passed away. May the flame and smoke reach the high heavens and comfort their soul. For Lola Tansing, For Uncle Bebot, For Lola Ula and Lola Ebi, For Auntie Abing and Uncle Bildo and to my dear friend Kendrick, these candles are for you!