Monday, November 12, 2012

Ate Bob goes to The National Museum...

Finally, after such a long time of planning to visit the museum, we were able to drop by one mid afternoon en route to Divisoria. Located at the heart of Metro Manila, the old looking building at the back of Luneta Park and just across Manila City Hall stands majestic from the outside and even more grand in the inside with its vast collections.

Entrance fee P150.00 for oldies and P50.00 for students. I thought it was too expensive but it was worth it when you are done exploring the place. You should allocate your one whole day if you wanted to take a closer look at the display. Since I am not into those, I was kinda tired with the three hour trip I have with Ate Bob.

The one I appreciate the most is the super big painting of Juan Luna "Spolarium". I think it is the best showcase of NM as it is located right on the entrance door. It's super big the frame is from the floor up until the high ceiling.

Here are some of the pictures.

The view from the outside while Ate Bob tries to catch some city butterflies.

NM has two buildings. Each with 4 floors. You have to consult the directory so as to get to the destination of your choice.

The 1st and 2nd floors are solely dedicated to ship wreck finds. Quite spooky and eerie inside. You have to have a company when taking a look at the pieces

Ship wreck finds.

Plenty of jars in the ship wreck.

I dunno what are these but they look like ghost.

Part of NM's collection are these. Some are bones of whale shark (super duper big), and other mammals.

This one too.

And a lot of painting.

And more painting.

Ate Bob behind the glass with seeds of Mahogany (huh?)

And that's me. lols. I asked Ate Bob to take my picture and she zoomed it. Thus no background. lols.

There you have it. Next post will be about our visit to Bamboo Organ Church in Las Pinas.



ate bob .. i thought it's kinda ate tlga pero indi pala ,,, hahahaha :)

- i've been here in manila ofr a very long time pero nadadaanan ko lng yang

eArL... said...

@kulapitot, thanks for dropping by.

June | Life and Spices said...

ako din..wanna see intramuros muna bago daanan yan..

Archieviner said...

Mukhang nag-enjoy c Ate Bob. So totoo lang di pa ako nakakapunta ng National Museum.

Ngayon ko lang nakita na nag post ka ng face pic sa blog mo sir. :)

eArL... said...

@june, di ko pa nabisita intramuros na yan. some other day...
@archie, lols. madami dami na din akong napost na pix dito. ngayon mo lang ulit nasilayan. :)

ZaiZai said...

Ang saya ni Ate Bob! Ang daming napupuntahan at natututunan :)

Dati ko pa gusto maka punta sa NM, will do soon. Thanks for all the info :)

mike said...

when i went back home last year, i made sure that i visited this place. i was glad that my cuz' british husband wanted to tag along.

i do hope Filipinos in general should visit this a support to the culture and history of our country.

Archieviner said...

Ngayon ko nga lang nasilayan ser.