Monday, November 05, 2012

Papa, does the road end?...

Weekend swimming at the clubhouse

The trip leading to sunday school over the weekend is just a quick one. Then out of the blue, Ate Bob asked me the question if the road end? We arrived in the church and still I have no answer for my five year old.

Soaked in mind-boggling realizations lately, I can't help but correlate Bob's question to the journey of life. The journey of life is a lot like the road. Some roads are rough, some are smooth and some bumpy and with potholes. Challenges and problems come along the way but you always continue to tread the path leading to somewhere. There are crossings along the way we need to choose which way to go. Sometimes, we take the wrong one but eventually we turn back and find the road that is best for us. At other times, there might be dead end but then we tend to go back from where we started and find another one. It is a never ending process of negotiating the roads we chose. Along the way, we commit mistakes but it is always nice to rise up to the challenge and continue with our journey.

The road I am taking with my girls maybe bumpy at times but I am making sure that they will take the right path. I just wish that in the future they may end up in the road that will bring them happiness. Whatever path they may choose, it's the journey along the way that matters. And if the journey and the trip are filled with happiness, then maybe it is the right road after all.

As a doting father to my girls, I realized that child rearing is really not about worldly things but about making each moment with them extra special. Teaching and making them happy with even the littlest thing there is. My only wish for my girls is that they grow up to be HAPPY PERSONS. It wouldn't hurt if they become doctors though. lols. And it wouldn't hurt some more if they become humanitarian doctors working for the United Nations (i have to encourage them some more regarding this. lols).

What about you, where does your road leads you?

Happy Monday Everyone!


Archieviner said...

Your daughters are amazing. They will become happy and successful in their life and of course with ur proper guidance sir. Happy Monday daddy. hehe nakidaddy narin :P

Mr. Tripster said...

The path I chose is not making any sense to me anymore, but I still continue to move on. Road trip na lang, joy ride sabi nga nila. Hopefully may makasama na ako sa road trip kong ito.

At least ikaw you have your beautiful daughters. They're really blessed that they don't have to do their early journey alone. Unlike mine. It was quite awkward, sometimes sad. I grew up without my parents, just my grandmother. It's different to journey through life with your parents.

God bless!

ZaiZai said...

I'm not sure yet where my road ends, I can't see an end to it yet. That's a good thing no? :)

Anyways, I'm sure your lovely daughters will grow up and always be on the right path, the one you guided them to be one. Good job on being such good parents :)

tHirDy... said...

@archie, thanks, anak. hehehe.

@tripster, that's a sad one there. pero okay lang yan. sabi nga nila dapat i enjoy mo na lang ung journey. tsaka, ang mga lola mas masarap magmahal. cheer up man! :)

@zai, yep. seeing it in a positive way. thanks zai. pag parent ka na din someday, i know y ou will be a good one too.

JuneOsidaBenitez said...

you were caught off guard! hehehe..galing naman ng daughter mo