Monday, December 31, 2012

Indeed It's A Happy New Year...

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013!

More Daddy Cool Escapades for 2013 with Ate Bob and Baby Dax!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012 and Welcome 2013...

As the year comes to a close, I cant help but be nostalgic of what has transpired to my life and my family. I was thinking of good things that happened to me for 2012 and I was overwhelmed by the blessings and good things that came our way. For that I am grateful to the Lord. In the same way, I also think about bad things but then I could not remember anything. Well maybe there are too but are just too petty and overpowered by good things. I have to thank the Lord for making life so easy and a breeze. What more I could ask for?

Another thing extra special for this year is that I am able to rekindle my fondness in blogging. And comes with it is meeting new blogger friends which makes blogging and blog hopping exciting and more educational.  I admit I am thrilled and always look forward everyday to having updates from co bloggers that I forgot I also have to write my thoughts too. I admit too that I spend plenty of time reading your blog guys than writing my own. And most especially I'd like to thank you for having find friends here in the blogging world. With the PBO there is a common bond that will embrace all of us. Although I will not be able to physically support you guys, in my heart, in my mind and in my thoughts I am for it. So I wave my hat to those who have started the PBO. I will find time this 2013 to join in one of our activities. I promise :)

For 2013, Ate Bob and Baby Dax will still be a big part of this blog. After all, this blog is about my two pretty and lovely daughters. While I will be spending the other half of 2013 away from them which makes me sad just thinking about it, I will still continue to drop a line or two on my adventures as Daddy Cool.

For the last hurrah of 2012, thank you blogger friends. You mean so much to Daddy Cool!

For 2013, let's continue to be an inspiration to our family and to our country!

Baby Dax says Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ate Bob says Happy New Year to All!

Altogether now, we say "Op Magadodo, lulu lala, kukurokuko Mwah Mwah Tsup Tsup"

Bye everyone, gotta go to Farmers to buy prawns for the Media Noche tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ate Bob Makes Us Proud Again...

Just before the year (not the world :) is coming to an end, Ate Bob gave us another reason to celebrate. She won 1st place in the singing competition for the pre school category in her school. Another proud daddy moment for me! I took the day off yesterday to give her support. Actually, it's her nth time in joining singing competition in her school but I always get the same giddy and tensed feeling. It really is a sigh of relief after she is done with her routine. After all her opponents were done singing, I was sure that our Ate Bob will win. Sorry to the rest of the parents of the 9 other pre schoolers. lols.  Here's the video link as i posted it in you tube Ate Bob's version of Listen by Beyonce.

Curtsy (according to her) together with the winners. 
Sorry for the blurry pictures. Her p.a. doesnt know how to get one correctly.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Ate Bob Continues Her Winning Streak and some Bicol Side Trip...

Last Wednesday while I was having a great time in Camsur, wifeys' text came as no surprise (yabang mode ng onti). While I have some misgivings that Ate Bob will not win, at the back of my mind I was certainly hoping that she will win so that she can represent her school again. And yes, she did win in the declamation contest. Our practice the week before paid off. I told her before I left about having a high level of confidence the moment her name is called. And that's what she did according to wifey. She was a picture of yabang with her head held high at the same time cuteness when she started to do curtsy and deliver her lines. Way to go Ate Bob. Papa is very proud of you! When I got home last Thursday, I bought her favorite ice cream to celebrate and then went to Tom's World as her reward.

The trip in Camsur was the usual break your neck. Schedule was full but was able to squeeze in some good times though.

Work first before pleasure. A posterity pose with the rest of the engineers. 
That's me in black shirt 3rd from the left with Mambulao Bay in the background.

In the surfing capital of Camsur called Bagasbas Beach? Waves were too small though. Lols.

In CWC. I did not do some wakeboarding the sun was scorching hot that time :)

That's for my year end trip. Then, last sunday McDonalds just beside our house was officially open. Truth to tell, Baby Dax wanted to have her breakfast there. However, due to the line that reaches more than a kilometer, you'll go high and dry before you can have your meal.

Here's a pic taken from the window. Little blurry because of the mosquito screen. Lols. Maybe tonight, Baby Dax can have her Mcdo burgers.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Happy Birthday Nanay...

Too late for the halloween...

Mahirap maging isang magulang. Lalo na ang magiging ina sa apat na makukulit at mga pasaway na anak na lalake. Pero nakayanan ng Nanay ang lahat ng iyon. Naisip ko tuloy, kung ako ngayon ay medyo nangungunsumisyon sa aking dalawang babaeng supling, pano pa kaya ang aming nanay at kami'y apat lang naman na barako na pinalaki nya. 

Ganonpaman, si Nanay ay hindi man lang kami napalo ni kahit minsan. May pakurot kurot naman paminsan minsan pero wala akong maalala na panahon na napalo ako o ang aking mga kapatid. Ngayong ako'y isang magulang na rin, na aapreciate ko mas lalo yung hirap at yung pasensya na binigay sa amin ni Nanay. lalo na ng mga panahon na kaming 3 ang sabay na nag aral sa kolehiyo, naiaros kaming lahat ni Nanay at Tatay. Naisip ko tuloy siguro kung ako sa kalagayan nila hindi ko kinaya. Pero iba pala talaga pag magulang ka. Kakayanin ang lahat para lang sa mga anak mo.

Ngayon na natupad na ang lahat ng pangarap ni Nanay at nag retiro na rin sya sa pagiging guro, masaya na sya na pumarine at pumaroon sa munting tahanan nya sa probinsya at kung saan saan pa. Ang totoo nyan, gusto ko ngang tumira dun sa bahay nya kse nasa gitna ng pala isdaan, pagka gising mo pwede ka ng dumerecho sa veranda at kunin ang pamingwit at manghuli ng isda. 

Ngayong araw ay ika 67 na taon na ni Nanay. Mahaba haba na din yung nilakbay nya para sa aming mga anak nya at pati ang 6 nyang apo. Ang pangarap nya na makapunta sa Amerika at Australia ay natupad na din. Wala na rin ata syang gusto pang gawin sa buhay maliban sa magbigay ng ngiti sa kanyang mga apo. Kaya ngayon, ako'y nagbibigay pugay sa aking Nanay na sintatag ng adobe ang pundasyon sa buhay. Nanay, kahit hindi mo to mabasa kase hindi ka nagbabasa ng blog, etong araw na eto ay binabalik ko ng abot langit na pasasalamat sa buhay na inilaan mo sa amin. Hindi sapat ang mga kataga o mga pagpupuri pero mula sa kaibuturan ng aking damdamin madaming salamat talaga. Ako'y isang magaling na magulang ngayon dahil sa inyong dalawa ni Tatay. 

In our own words, ginatamyaw ta guid ikaw it masinadyahon nga adlaw sa imo nga birthday makaron. Gina wish ko kay Lord nga kunta taw an ka pa it mahabang dag on para kamon ag mayad nga pangeawason eang pirmi.